The 21st century has seen a steep rise in graphic designers and their need for excellent photo editing software’s. While these options offer extreme levels of features and cost a pretty penny, editing in free software’s isn’t a match made in heaven.

Thus, at times like these, where light editing features and adding few changes is what you desire, then here’s an exciting software especially for you. 

FULL NAME:iPhotoDraw for Windows
Download for Windows

What is iPhotoDraw?

iPhotodraw is a simple editing tool that lets users add descriptions, annotations, images and other pictures to an image. The app has no intent on running the changes on the original image but saves the new masterpiece as a separate XML file. 

The user interface is quite simple and similar to that of using paint in windows. While designed to be intuitive and addictive, the options for editing are quite limited. One can zoom into the picture and add annotations, while the toolbox comprises of shapes to come up with different structures. 

Download for Windows

There are options to place special effects as well and use filters such as brightness, contrast, sepia, greyscale, colour replacement and much more. The application is available on the Windows operating system but not for macOS.

Key Features of iPhotoDraw

Simple Editing Tool

The software is a simple editing tool that lets you add annotations. Crop the image and that’s pretty much it. 

Multiple Annotation Options

The annotations come in various shapes and size. There is a toolbox that has several shapes and sizes of annotations. Also, there are filter options where a bit of picture editing in terms of brightness, contrast and such filters can be done. 


The entire software is free. Any changes made to an image in the software is saved separately and doesn’t edit the original photo. 

How to Download and Install iPhotoDraw on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Software Installer

The software is present on the official website. It can also be downloaded from any third-party site. Download the compatible software version based on the operating system version. 

  • Install it

Open the installer and run it. The on-screen instruction will direct you into installing the software. Shouldn’t take much time to install it. 

  • Run the Editor

After successful installation, open it and start editing effortlessly. 

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