Malware threats on PC’s and laptops are ever-increasing and show no signs of decreasing anytime soon. Downloading any application from an unverified or unsecured site can cause trojans, viruses, malware to attack your system and cause problems.

These problems include slowing down the system, failure of launching an app, application freezing, and much more. So, to combat this issue, there are several paid versions of antivirus software’s that give you full control over virus elimination control.

FULL NAME:IObit Malware Fighter for Windows
Download for Windows

But we have a free option (equivalent to the paid version) that makes things quite easy to handle the virus situation on your system. 

What is IObit Malware Fighter?

IObit malware fighter is a powerful tool that helps in the elimination of malware, trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, adware, etc. The removal, detection, and protection of the system are done effortlessly by using the advanced spyware protection system. 

To execute what it does best, the application uses the Bitdefender antivirus engine, anti-ransomware engine, and IObit anti-malware engine. These malware protection systems make it easier for the software to fight off the most complicated and sophisticated malware quite effortlessly.  

The user interface is clean and seamless. Also, there are basic options for running a scan, updating the software, action center, and protect the system. You can also access other features and settings through the settings options on the right of the user interface. With a crisp and clean user interface, it is also easier to fight off viruses through a click of a button.  

iOBit Malware Fighter
iOBit Malware Fighter
Download for Windows

The application is supported from Windows XP to Windows 10 but there is no macOS support. The software is free on a trial base where most of the features are locked. So, the only way to get access to all features is by buying the application.

Key Features of IObit Malware Fighter

Exceptional Protection against Ransomware

In recent years, there have been several ransomware attacks where victims had to pay up a massive sum of amounts to get access to their computer systems. But with IObit malware fighter, blocking of such ransomware is feasible and safeguarding your system data from getting hacked is blocked entirely. 

Real-time Protection

The latest version of the software allows for real-time updates of malware eradication from the system. Any malicious objects are eliminated on the spot, and the software helps in safe booting the system from future attacks. 

Extensive Malware Protection

All thanks to the software database, which is 160% larger, it can now detect well over 2 million malware effortlessly and put a stop on its tracks. Thus, keeping your system away from harm.  

Safe Surfing

In the day and age of cryptocurrency, hackers now implant mining codes on user systems which in turn causes the system to slow down. The software interprets this and removes the algorithms for mining and makes it faster while securing your online surfing endeavours. 

How to Download and Install IObit Malware Fighter on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package

The software’s official website hosts the installation package. It’s a small file but with loaded features ready to save your system from any virus threats. So, you need to download the relevant file. 

  • Install it

Open the installer, run it, and then do as directed from the instructions on the screen. Let the installation finish. 

  • Start Fighting Malware Threats 

After the software successfully fishes installing, open it either through the installer or from the shortcut on the desktop. Run an initial scan and fight malware with a powerful free malware fighter. 

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