What is Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer 8 in the eighth version of the Internet Explorer browser series created by Microsoft. It released on March 19, 2009. The successor to the Internet Explorer 7, The Internet Explorer 8 is the default web browser for Windows 7. It’s the same for Windows Server 2008 operating systems as well.

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According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer, 8 is much better than Internet Explorer 7. To elaborate, it is true in terms of security, ease of use, and support for RSS, CSS. At the same time, Ajax has more priority in Internet Explorer 8. You can also use Internet Explorer on Windows  XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 do Windows Server 2008.

After January 12, 2016, none of the newer Windows versions supports Internet Explorer 8. It was due to the creation of better Internet Explorer. In comparison to internet explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 contained 2 new features namely – web slices and accelerators. Accelerators can be useful when selecting lavender steps without having to use any other device other than your mouse. Accelerators were helpful to many people by helping too easily select any text, no matter how lengthy it is.

Other than this feature Roma Internet Explorer is also providing many other features of life automatic tab crash recovery, developer tools, a favourites bar, in line furtive within pages. There are much more performance and stability optimizations.

Reviews of Internet Explorer 8: 

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On March 19, 2009, a review of Internet Explorer 8 was released by It pro Benny har even. In the review, Internet Explorer it was pleased for it’s a liability and good features concluding that it was not the best version of Internet Explorer for a long time, but also that there’s nothing sufficient that Firefox users can say about the web browser which is better compared to Internet Explorer 8. At the same time, the review also praised Microsoft fire producing a better featured, faster unreliable browsing experience concluding that if Microsoft continues to keep producing products of such quality, there would be no reason for people to switch away from Internet Explorer. Similarly, according to the many users of Internet Explorer 8, the web browser is much better than its predecessor in terms of security, reliability and ease of use.

How to Download Internet Explorer 8

To download Internet Explorer 8, you can easily search for Internet Explorer 8 on any available online source. But, preferably Microsoft official website. From there you can easily download the setup for internet explorer 8 According to your operating system. After the setup has been installed, select it And click open And click open or run to install the setup. After the setup has been installed, Internet Explorer 8 would be available on your device.

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Note: Internet Explorer 8 is a very old Internet Explorer. It is not supported by any of the recent Windows operating systems. Keep in mind that Windows XP, Windows Vista in Windows 7 are ideal creating systems which allow Internet Explorer 8 to function. The popularity of Internet Explorer 8  and its successors has been reduced significantly due to the increasing popularity of the Google Web browser.

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