Downloading content from the internet isn’t always a pleasurable experience. Slow download speeds, unreliable networks, unavailability of resume options for broken files, and more can make it an unsatisfactory experience.

But what if there was some way to ensure that all the problems are addressed carefully and provides a much better experience?

FULL NAME:Internet Download Manager for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Internet Download Manager?

As the name suggests, the internet download manager is a tool used for accelerating downloads of the internet. Not only this but recovery and restarting of broken downloads, dynamic segmentation are few of the many features that the software has to provide. 

With its simple user interface, you can easily download any file from the internet. The application works with all browsers such as google chrome, internet explorer, Avant browser, and more. 

But the best feature about this software is that it doesn’t require additional connections to download files. Every download is segmented dynamically during its download phase and reuses any available connections to make the downloads faster. 

Internet Download Manager
Internet Download Manager
Download for Windows

IDM also supports multiple downloads and supports all proxy servers, HTTP protocols, FTP, firewalls, cookies, and more. Another great feature is that you can set the predetermined time frame as to when you desire to download the given file. There is an inbuilt ZIP viewer also that you can use. 

The application is free to download on Windows operating system right from Vista to 10. Though it’s free, the paid version costs 890 rupees for one year. But there is no support for macOS. 

Key Features of Internet Download Manager

Great Support

IDM offers excellent support for all browsers. With its constant updates, more and more browsers are supported and offer excellent downloading speeds also. 

A Plethora of Features

The software is packed with features such as accelerated download speeds, simple wizard for installation, dynamic segmentation, download resume, drag, and drop functionalities, categories for downloads, video grabber, advanced browser integration, antivirus automatic checking and more. 

Simple User Interface

The user interface is easy to learn and navigate since all the tools required for faster and effective downloads are a click away. 

How to Download and Install Internet Download Manager on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installer

The installer can be found on the official website or several third-party websites but you need to download the compatible software version based on your preference. 

  • Install the Application

Open the downloaded package, run the installer, and then follow the set of instructions for a smooth installation process. 

  • Run the Software

After the software install’s successful, open it and start downloading your multimedia content. 

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