It makes it more enjoyable to view multimedia using Intel Wireless Display. It’s a helpful tool and easy to use. Without the use of cables and wires, the program allows you to project any of the photos, videos, and any content on your PC to a larger screen. Wireless Display works as a booster, and it makes media presentations more comfortable and faster. It enhances productivity and entertainment. In our fast-paced world, it’s truly a game-changer that is revolving around technology. Intel Wireless Display is efficient and convenient. It’s something you will not only need in the workplace but on other occasions too.

FULL NAME:Intel Wireless Display

To connect devices, you don’t need to use cables and wires. Intel wireless display provides fast connections. It offers high definition multimedia. For connection, it requires an internet connection or Wifi as support. The only demerit is that without any prior warning, it sometimes disconnects. Intel Wireless Display Miracast standard is supported. It can work on TVs, projectors, and media players. The application easily supports Android smartphones and further on Windows 8 and 10.

Key features –

1. Intel WiDi is a wireless screen sharing app for mobile devices and personal computers. 

2. Intel wifi or InterPro-WiDi provides you with screen sharing, sending movies, images presentations files from Intel-based devices to HDTV. 

3 With Intel Wireless Display, playing content wirelessly from your mobile device on your big-screen HDTV has never been easier. Watch videos and display photos. 

4. Use your second screen to multitask. Without the clutter of cables, intel wireless display delivers rich, vibrant visuals and audio.

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5. Get quick, reliable connections with low latency. Watch all the things you like on your small screen directly to your big-screen TV. 

6. Enrich your experience with 4K Ultra HD TV screen sharing from your 5th generation computer. 

7. Intel displays efficient reviews of your presentation files and edit documents with enhanced privacy, security, and IT manageability. 

8. Intel WiDi supports HD video quality. It requires a low latency rate for connecting with applications sent to the TV from a PC.

9.100% secure: the application is 100% secure and safe to use on your device. So now you will not have to think twice before installing it. The application will not corrupt or harm your system.

10. Free usage: Intel wireless display is a free application, which means you will not have to pay a single penny from your pocket. Getting so much flexibility without even investing is fantastic.

11. Easy interface: The developers have kept the interface very simple and sound. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you can use the application in just a few steps

How to download and install Intel Wireless Display on PC-

Step-1 Open the Intel WiDi application.

Step-2 Click on Connect.

Step-3 Connect bar will open. The option of wireless display receivers will come.

Step-4 Choose your wireless display.

Step-5 You need to enter a PIN if you are connecting to a display for the first time. PIN option will pop up on a wireless display.

Step-6 In the Intel WiDi application, click on duplicate or extend.

Now you will be connected to a wireless display.

How to download and install Intel Wireless display on Mac-

Step-1 Download and install the latest version of the blue stacks emulator on Mac.

Step-2 Open BlueStacks when it’s done and then launch a play store from the emulator.

Step-3 Type Miracast WiDi Display App name in the search box and then hit the install button.

Step-4 Open Miracast App when the download is completed

Step-5 Now, you will be able to use the Intel Wireless display.

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