There is a lot of competition among painting apps in the play store. Each one looks the same as the other, except with slightly different tools. Oftentimes, you will find yourself in rubble with which one to choose. What is that one painting app that can breathe life into your artwork? Well, our answer to that is Infinite Design. It is nothing short of an artist’s studio. From a huge variety of brushes to an infinite canvas at your disposal, you will find similar android apps pale in comparison. The horde of options will leave the user in complete awe. Simply put, it is a dream application for all artists. If you recognise yourself as an artist, you should definitely download this on your device. For better experience, a tablet is recommended. 

FULL NAME:Infinite Design
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Key Features Of Infinite Design

Unique Tools
it is impossible to summarise the tools available but we will try. To begin with, it has unlimited layers for you to experiment with. There are four types of symmetry you can choose from. Align your objects on the canvas, edit their paths and construct different shapes using different brushes. Since Infinite Design is inclined towards vector illustrations, you will find its tools are finely tuned to meet illustrating needs.

Unlimited Manipulation
There are complex tools in addition to the standard ones. These include the incredibly flexible Transform tool, the Gradient Fill tool and most importantly, Grid tool for snapping. Keep in mind we are skimming just the surface here. When you download the app and check out the array of tools, you will be suitably impressed at the versatility.  

Infinite Design Mod APK 3.4.19 (Premium Unlocked) free Download
Download for Windows

You can import images from your gallery or the web. Or you can opt to start from scratch. Vectorize your images into editable vector paths and add colours from the glorious colour wheel in the sidebar. Infinite Design is in collaboration with another app called ColourLovers. It is your handy guide to building beautiful colour palettes for your design.

How To Download It On PC

An artist doesn’t need constraints on his imagination nor on his canvas. If you are an artist, you won’t exactly be pleased with using the app only on your phone. The limited space isn’t enough for your true potential to burst through. This is why, we absolutely recommend you to download this amazing application on your PC or Mac. It’s easy to make that recommendation but it can be tricky when it comes to implementation. Because you see, Infinite Design is not available on PC consoles. We won’t let that stop us though. In this guide, we will show you how to install this application on your system using emulators. Android emulators are devices that are tasked with running mobile apps on computers. In this case, we will be using MEmu Play, one of the best emulators in the market

Download for Windows
  1. Firstly, go to This is the official site from where you can download the emulator for free.
  2. MEmu Play will launch automatically upon which you will see Play Store prebuilt in it. To use it, you will have to sign into your Google account first.
  3. After signing in, look up Infinite Design in the search bar. From the search results, download your application. 
  4. Well done Picasso! You can now create art on the big screen of your PC.

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