Developed by Apple Inc, iMovie is a video editing software only for mac OS and iOS devices. The year 1999 saw its release as the name of iMac-DV. After the release of the third version, iMovie has been exclusive Mac software. After 2013 this software is free for all the new Mac and iOS devices. 

FULL NAME:iMovie for Windows
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What is iMovie?

The software using the HDV Camcorders processes high definition videos, and also used AVCHD Camcorders and also H.264-compressed video from MPEG-4 or QuickTime Movie files (.mov). As the video files are imported, this software optimizes into HD video using the Apple Intermediate Codec is a Quick Time Component. 

The app is easily available on the Apple App Store and can be downloaded in a few minutes which depends mostly on the internet connection. The interface is quite a user friendly as it allows the users to browse, organize, view, and preview the videos easily. 

The software comes loaded with advanced tools that users can use for choosing important video clips for some production work and can also insert titles, soundtracks can be created, and also some effects can be added. To makes all these things happen users just need to drag and drop. 15+ Movie themes are available from which users can choose any one of them. Using this software users can enhance the sound quality too and using the library users can add music and sound effects to the video clips they are producing. You can also add sounds from iTunes and Garageband.

List of Feature of iMovie

Video Effects:- Using this software video color setting and effects can be modified, the clips can be cropped and rotated, shaky videos can be stabilized. This software is quite powerful and users can improve the audio quality by reducing the background noise and increasing the audio levels. 

Importing and Exporting:- Using this feature the software can send any project from mac OS to iOS easily. If this project is quite big to send then this can send the project easily to Final Cut Pro X.

Trailers:- With the inclusion of the templates the trailers of any movie or series can be made easily. It has an outline for the addition of titles and adding credits to the end of the trailer. 

Download for Windows

Previews:- Using this feature developers and other users can give a preview of any app through any video rather than images. 

Movie Sharing:- In the previous versions of the iMovie it wasn’t possible to share the edited movie. However, the newer versions come with a sharing feature which makes it possible to share the movies across different devices. 

Green Screen Control:- Effects that are added to the movie can be softened by this feature easily. This feature can be accessed easily from the video overlay tools section. 

People Detection:- Using this feature any people can be detected in any video or movie. However, this feature might take time as it detects all the people in any movie. 

Background Noise:- Even though this feature doesn’t improve the sound quality in any movie but helps in the removal of the background noise or any distortions that might have occurred in the background.

How to Download and install iMovie for Windows

Download for Windows

The very first thing user need to do is install VMWare on their system and then follow the instructions below. 

  1. Download Mac OS virtual Image
  2. Install Mac OS on VM Ware
  3.  Install iMovie on Windows
  4. Open up App Store in your installed Virtual Machine
  5. At the base of your screen, you will see the symbol of the App Store. Snap-on it.
  6. Simply log in to your Apple ID or register for one if you don’t have one
  7.  Verify your Email. The next up thing you have to do is to verify your Apple ID, although if you already have one, you don’t have to verify anything. You just need to log in and that’s it.
  8. Search and install iMovie. Now the only thing you are left to do is to search for iMovie in the App Store, and once you get the results, simply click the iMovie application and install it. You don’t have to worry about any payment and stuff since the software is completely free.

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