Back in the days, computers weren’t that privileged to have amazing specifications that could be configured. While it was a bit of sacrifice, it was all based on the use of the system that determined the specifications of a system.

Storage was another prevalent issue and to divide them to use it for specific purposes wasn’t possible at first. But thanks to ImDisk Toolkit, it’s all possible with a few clicks.

FULL NAME:ImDisk Toolkit for Windows

What is ImDisk Toolkit?

Nowadays, computer systems are manufactured with a more substantial amount of RAM and storage facilities. But based on the usage, these specifications vary greatly. ImDisk Toolkit helps in allocating a small or more significant part of the storage drive into different formats such as CD/DVD, etc. to be used independently. 

The best part about the application is that you can either allocate storage manually or dynamically. The naming of the newly created drive is possible, and you can launch it at the start-up of the operating system software. The selection of the memory is in a kilobyte, megabyte, and gigabyte. 

ImDisk Toolkit
ImDisk Toolkit
Download for Windows

Another exciting thing about ImDisk Toolkit is the mounting of images in the allocated storage space. You can store images in the format of raw, iso, dsi, bin, dmg, vhd, and vdi formats. The application works smoothly with Windows operating system that is higher than Vista. Unfortunately, macOS isn’t supported by the application. 

Key Features of ImDisk Toolkit. 

  • Automatic Allocation of RAM

With a few clicks of the mouse, allocating storage for a new drive becomes easier. One can either allocate it manually or dynamically. 

  • Support for Various Image Formats

There are a plethora of image mounting options to choose for the virtual drive. 

  • Smaller Size

The entire application has a size of under 1MB. With such great features crammed in such a small package, it is quite efficient. 

  • Simple User Interface

The entire user interface is a watered-down interface so that an individual with basic knowledge of computing can understand its functionality. 

How to Download and Install ImDisk Toolkit on a PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the software

The software can be easily downloaded from any third-party website. Though the application might be less than 1MB, it can vary greatly. The software is supported on with Windows version higher than XP. 

  • Install it

Installing the software is quite simple. Open the downloaded package and follow the given set of instructions. With the IMDISK TOOLKIT, several other IMDISK applications offer great features for the computer system. Choose the ones that you wish to have and let the software install. 

  • Start using the software

Once the application is installed, open the application form the control panel. Select the IMDISK icon and choose the amount of storage that you wish to allocate to the new virtual disk with the desired lettering as well.  

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