Grabber is the general term given to a software package that comprises useful applications. Before we delve into what they are, let us ponder on the term a bit. What do you think Grabber means? It sounds like the name of some ghoulish indie game where unsuspecting victims are “grabbed” by a deadly white hand from the dark. But really, it is far from that. Grabber is actually a software tool that is optimised according to the user’s multi-purpose needs.

FULL NAME:Image Grabber
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It happens to be a freeware tool so that is an added bonus. For instance, you have Image Grabber that grabs images from a website and downloads them. And you have an Audio Grabber that grabs music from online portals like YouTube Music. You probably get the gist of it now. Simply put, a multimedia Grabber lets you grab visual and audio components from websites. In this review, we will look at the most used Grabber of them all i.e. the Image Grabber.

Key Features Of Image Grabber

Specify Your Needs

There are dozens of images across a website. Some of them you require and some you do not. You are obviously not going to blindly download them. So you are going to have to specify what you need through the filter bar. You can add hashtags and keywords here that optimise the Grabber’s hunt. It grabs images from all over the site that fit the keywords provided. 

Customise The Files

If you are downloading a horde of images from one website, you can’t sit and waste your time in renaming them. This is because when they are first downloaded, they bear Xyz file names that can be a little bothersome. Grabber eases your work for you. It has an inbuilt formatting pattern that automatically changes these random filenames. You can specify the name you would like to give. Also, if you are unhappy with the quality, you can get it enhanced using the inbuilt editor.

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Download for Windows

Create Image Boards

Once you have your batch of pictures assembled in one frame, you can upload them to sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Share your imageboards with people who will enjoy looking at them. Amaze them with your aesthetics.

How To Download on System

Download On PC

  1. Visit the link  You will find download links for different versions of Image Grabber here.  Choose any one by clicking the download button.
  2. This causes a zip folder to download on the system. Extract the contents of this folder to a separate one.
  3. You will find a file bearing an exe extension. Click it to start running it.
  4. The setup window launches. Follow all the instructions until the end. With the last ‘Download Now’ button clicked, Image Grabber is installed on your PC.

Download on Mac

Note: On Mac OS, the same software is called Gallery Grabber. Both softwares are one in the same.

Download for Windows
  1. Open the Mac Store on your Macbook. 
  2. Search for the application called ‘Gallery Grabber’. When you find it, click on it to start downloading.
  3. Once it is downloaded, you can access its features on your Macbook. That’s all there is to it.

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