Are you a curious mind? Do you like to see how things are made? What are they composed of? You can now satisfy your thirst with Microsoft’s ILSpy. 

Download for Windows

This software will help you understand the composition of an application and program. It will inform you of the different components it is composed of. 

You will not be able to alter the application that you are studying, but you will be able to understand how it was created from scratch.

ILSpy works on Windows devices. It will only require a small space on your device – 3MB. Use the open-source software to put your queries and curiosity to rest.

Key Features of ILSpy

Know the Entire Structure of the .NET Files

ILSpy software is best suited to break down the .NET files on your desktops and laptops. The ILSpy software will show you everything that has been used to put together .NET files. Apart from the .NET files, you will also get to see the trees of  DLL, EXE, and WINMD files. You can even load data from GAC files and open the Nuget files.

Simple Interface

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Download for Windows

ILSpy is a free software. You will require no instructions to understand its workings. You can customize the font. There are simple symbols presenting the tasks ILSpy can do. The software is even easy to download. You are not required to set it up. You only have to download the portable zip file. It can be kept on external devices like USB flash drives and hard disk drives (HDD). The ILSpy software works on Windows that have Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher. We recommend an integrated mouse and keyboard.

Frequent Updates

The updates on ILSpy are done to keep it in tune with the other applications. The software has different tabs to show the various aspects of a program or application. The ILSpy software can render code in different programming languages. It is capable of understanding the programs written in C#, IL, and IL with C#.     

Steps to Download and Install ILSpy on PC

You only have to download the ILSpy software on your device. You do not have to install the software on your devices. This makes avoiding any undesirable changes on your PC possible.

Download for Windows
  1. Using the link given below, download the ILSpy software on your Windows PC:
  2. The link is to a zip file containing the ILSpy software in it. Click on the link given above to download the archived file of the ILSpy software.
  3. When you click on the link, it will ask you to select a location for the file to be saved. 
  4. After you have selected the location, press Save to move ahead with the download.
  5. After the file downloads, click on the file to open it.
  6. Open the file and unzip the file. You will not have to install the file to work on .NET files.
  7. Lastly, open the file and start working. You can also import the file on an HDD and USB drive. 

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