You’re probably wondering if live monitoring camera feeds using only your mobile device or PC is possible, but let me tell you that it is possible. Gone are the days when security cameras required a lot of setting up to do for it to monitor live video feeds. Do you want to know what Application can make that possible? If yes, then let me introduce you to the iCSee Application, it allows users to track or monitor video feeds on their android devices. Another great thing about this app is that it will also allow you to watch the live video feeds using your PC. In this written content, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process on how you can download iCSee on your PC. 

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What is iCSee Application?

In essence, iCSee is a video monitoring software that allows users to view live CCTV camera feeds on their mobile phones. You can then save recordings of them to an external storage unit, such as an SD card. In addition, iCSee gives you the option of watching the camera feed from your Android device in real-time. For its operations, no bulky wires and cables are necessary to run the app. What you need is a 3G, 4G network or a functioning WiFi link. iCSee offers solid services, and you can download the app completely free of charge. 

To use the app, you won’t need to pay for hidden fees and monthly subscription.  In addition, the iCSee software helps users to grab images and listen to music. Users can view videos in both portrait and landscape mode. One of the significant aspects of this software is its motion-detecting feature. Whenever it senses a motion in the camera video, it warns users on smartphones, and this makes iCSee Application one of the best applications that can quickly handle and monitor IP cameras over the internet. 

Notable Features of iCSee Application

User-friendly functions and interface

To get started with this app, you don’t have to be a security expert; you need a strong Internet connection. Also, another thing is that you get to manage those IP cams without having to use wires, apart from the fact that you can live stream your camera with the help only of your internet connection.

Video recording and playback is supported.

This feature is vital in an app like iCSee, so that it won’t require you to watch it 24/7.  What good will it make if you can’t record it and play it backwards right? So just in case, something happens in your house, you can play the recording of that particular day, and watch the real cause of the incident. 

High definition quality of the real-time video

As you all know, it’s not that common for apps like this to offer HD video feeds to its users, especially if it’s a live video feed. You can take CCTVs as an example, it doesn’t give you a clear view of the live feed, unlike the iCSee Application. It’s an essential feature for crucial incidents on your home since it can give you a crystal clear video feed. 

Install iCSee for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac) using BlueStacks -
Download for Windows

It offers a cloud-storage for your recorder videos.

This is a feature often taken for granted by users, but having this feature – cloud-storage for your recorder videos can be a game-changer in this app category. Users won’t have to go through the hassle of backing-up old files or videos, since it will all be present inside the cloud-storage of the Application.

The Application is entirely free

iCSee Application is entirely free from charges and subscription payments, an app with great functionality is unexpectedly being offered for free to its users. It’s not every day that we can find applications with great functionality, cool features, and free. There are free apps out there, but premium features are only available to paying customers. 

How to Download and Install iCSee for PC (Windows & Mac)

 You can download the iCSee Application for free on any Android device. Here we’ll teach you how to properly download and install iCSee on your PC. Originally, there’s no way to get this app on your PC, but now you can easily install iCSee with the help of Bluestacks or Nox Android Emulator. You need to follow these steps below if you are looking for a guide on how to download iCSee for a PC running Windows and Mac operating systems.

Installing and Navigating through Bluestacks

  • The first step is to go to the Bluestacks website and download the Bluestacks application; the Emulator which we’re going to use.
  • After downloading Bluestacks’ .exe file, click it and follow installation procedures. 
  • Once the installation is completed, you may be asked to sign your account in or create a temporary user detail.
  • After the homepage of Bluestacks has opened, navigate the menu section and look for the icon “My Apps” located in the top-left side of the interface. 
  • You will need to sign in to your Google Account; this is an essential step since it will allow you to download apps from Google Playstore
  • After you’ve successfully signed in, you’re now ready to download the iCSee app inside Bluestacks

Downloading and Installing the ICSee Application

Download for Windows
  • Look for the “App Center” which can be found just adjacent to the “My Apps” section.
  • Click the “App Center” and navigate through the search box situated on the upper right corner, and search for” iCSee” in the search bar.
  • List of apps will display and make sure that you will choose the right iCSee app.
  • Click the app, and an install button will be shown, click install.
  • Follow the needed steps, allow necessary permissions, and wait for it to finish installing.
  • Once completed, you can now navigate through Bluestacks homepage and you can find the iCSee app.
  • You can now start using the Application. 

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