HTTP Injector is an android application which is used for secure shell or Virtual Private Network, i.e. VPN. The HTTP injector is mainly equipped with a fast wi-fi connection. In simple words, HTTP Injector is nothing but a free professional android tool. IT allows mostly one person to set custom HTTP headers. HTTP Injector is an android VPN made by Evozi and is primarily used in the Philippines.


If you are still wondering about HTTP Injectors, do not worry. We all go through all the tiny details about HTTP Injector in this article.

How can one use HTTP Injector?

HTTP Injector is an application tool which is mainly used for connecting the SSH or Proxy with a custom header. 

As a result, we can get access to various blocked websites. Also, the application in the secure shell account has a Payload generator which functions in such a way to generate payloads that are used for free internet.

There are also other supporting tools like IP Hunter and HOST checker. IP Hunter is used to accessing the original proxy mainly from the operator service.

How to download HTTP Injector for PC?

  • To download and install HTTP Injector on your PC or Mac, the first and foremost thing that you will need is an Android app Player.

-It is highly recommended to download and install “Bluestacks”, which is an app player. 

          -Bluestack is very easy and straightforward to use. 

  • To get HTTP Injector on your PC, download and install BLUESTACKS. Now, open and search on the Android market for ” HTTP Injector”, and now you are good to go.

        -Now we are all ready to set up the payload. For convenient use, we need a payload generator. 

        -You have to click on the menu which is next to the HTTP Injector.

  • Now select the Payload generator. For setting up the payload generator, you will need to fill up some details such as-.

             URL/Host – Here you need to fill in the operator bug.

             Request method: Now select Connect.

             Query method: Click on the Front query.

             Extra header- Click online Host

  • After completing the above instructions, you will need to generate the payload. And you will see that the payload is successfully filled. 

         -For the remote proxy thing, you need to set it according to your proxy operator.

How to Download HTTP Injector For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC and Mac - Free VPN  For Windows
  • For the SSH settings. Here you will need to enter the SSH settings which is present in the side menu written in HTTP Injector.

            -SSH Host- In the SSH host section, you will need to fill up the SSH host that you have created.

            -SSH Port: It depends on the ssh that you have made.

            -Username: You need to fill in the ssh username.

            -Password: Write down your ssh password.

  • After filling out the required configurations, click again to generate a free ssh account.
  • The final step is to select on start so that you can see the connection. Now open the LOG tab, and in the LOG tab, you will see a key has been provided to you near the network section.

Note- In any case, if the connection fails, you can use IP Hunter, or else you can use Google’s DNS to hide the bugs. 

Some essential facts about Injectors related to PC

  • HTTP Injectors sometimes don’t work on the computer; for this problem, you will need an injector with the help of an android emulator. By using an Android emulator, HTTP injectors will work fine.
  • Also, you can download and install the MEmu player on your computer. After installing the Memu player, you can download HTTP injector apk. Now click on the apk’s icon on the MEmu player and select the apk file that you have downloaded.

Final Thoughts

However, HTTP injector is relatively safe and secure to use, and you can now easily use it on your pc or mac by the help of this article. All you need to do is edit the bug and the ssh account which is still active.

If you know more about the HTTP injector, feel free to send your views. Stay tuned.

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