Imagine a powerful virus infiltrating your system, destroying everything from the inside out. Imagine the fear that occurs at the thought of your laptop succumbing to this malicious destruction. Nobody wants that to happen, least of all an owner of a new HP laptop. But worry not; HP Recovery manager will rescue you from the depths of this turmoil. It is a disaster eradication software that helps the system retain stability. Whatever odd blackouts or hang-ups your system struggles with, Recovery Manager will pull it free from them.

FULL NAME:HP Recovery Manager

It is completely automatic, meaning the user doesn’t have to provide explicit instructions to start running it. With mere clicks, the Recovery Manager whirs to life and starts working its magic on your system, successfully restoring the system data without preliminary virus attachments. HP Recovery Manager is specially designed for Windows-powered systems, covering all versions possible. If you own a Mac, you are going to have to look for alternate software that is as highly efficient as the HP Recovery Manager.

Key Features Of HP Recovery Manager

HP PCs - Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8) | HP® Customer Support

Recover Lost Files
The name of the software has ‘recovery’ in it. So naturally, it is conditioned to help you recover your lost files. Files are delicate elements. It can take something as minimal as power failure to destroy them for good. This is why it is a good practice to back your data up. If you are not in the habit of backing files and are in constant worry of losing them, don’t worry. You can rely on the Recovery Manager to retrieve them for you. 

Install/Uninstall Programs
Some software downloads can cause malware to infiltrate your system. This happens because you don’t use reliable sources to download your programs from. Once the malware latches to your system, it can wreck havoc on it. It starts innocently off; computer lags, screen blackouts and loss of files. The moment you get inkling of these innocent happenings, you report to your Recovery Manager. It will take action according to the severity of the situation. But rest assured, it will let no permanent harm befall on your system.

Consistent Tech Support
If you stumble across some roadblocks, you can reach out to HP’s technical team. You should get your queries answered in record time. This is because HP is backed with a wonderful tech team that works around the clock to tend to customer needs.

How To Download On PC

The HP Recovery Manager can be installed on pretty much all Windows versions. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit setup. The site from where you will be downloading the software has both system links. So choose one that suits your system.

  1. Click open this link Scroll down the page and you will find a download button. Click it.
  2. When you are directed to a second page, you will find a download button for an exe file. Click it to initiate download.
  3. Run this exe file on your system. Follow the installation instructions carefully.
  4. With the last ‘Install now’ button, HP Recovery Manager will be downloaded on your PC.

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