Games can be of multiple genres, and we are blessed to be born in an era where we have options to choose games from a wide variety of options. There could be some straightforward and obvious games which we have been playing since our childhood.

On the other hand, there could be games that are unique, weird, and indirect.

Surprisingly there is a vast section of society that is very much interested in playing these unique and different games. This is because firstly, the gamers get to try their hands on something different. Secondly, it helps their creativity to come out to a considerable extent.

How To Be a Tree is one such different and unique game that is liked by the masses. It is based on adventure and QWOP-like physics, where one goes onto learn multiple ways to become a tree.

As weird as this game may sound, once someone starts playing, then there is no stopping at all. In the game, How To Be a Tree, there are controls through which a little tree which is capable of enormous agility is controlled. The player of the game is given an option to switch between three different forms such as:

A: Tree

B: big bushy tree

C: stick

The player also has an option to control the branches and the trunks by using the right or the left keys. It helps the individual in giving a form of movement, which helps in overcoming various difficulties and obstacles.

It moreover helps to avoid any hazards as and when the player goes on to make his or her way through the different challenging levels. With each step, the player learns about how to become a tree in the best possible manner.

Just like the branches of a tree, the game provides many branching pathways. Most of the levels in the game feature different possible endings, which helps in setting different paths of the player.

The game offers a total of 16 finishes, which is enormous and shows how much variety a player has. Each ending is way too unique and not related to each other. Moreover, there are some pathways that go on to unlock the new and fresh abilities of the tree you have made.

Such as you can get access to either to grow food or affect the winds. Overall, the game is quite impressive and has very high-quality content and visuals attached to it.

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