Simulation games do offer that extra edge in simulating real-life tasks in a virtual space. No doubt, there are several simulation games of different types; it all comes down to the application and how well the simulation is presented to the players. Furthermore, every simulation game has its unique touch, which might set it apart from the rest. Today, we have a similar game that would bestow you with a different type of simulation altogether. 

FULL NAME:House Flipper

What is a House Flipper?

Derivative from the name, house flipper is a game that lets you flip houses. Well, not quite literally, but then you can buy a broken down house, repair it and then sell it for a profit. It’s as simple as that. There are multiple tools that players can choose from and indulge in the experience of how home renovators do their job. 

The entire game is based on a first-person theme, where only two hands are shown with the tool used. Furthermore, the game is only available for Microsoft Windows. 

Key features of the game. 

High-resolution graphics. 

The game’s entire detailing is relatively high and provides an authentic touch and feel to the game. It also ensures that players receive the best aesthetically and in terms of the playing experience as well. 

Great gameplay. 

House Flipper: Home Design, Renovation Games - Apps on Google Play

There are different game modes where you can either dive into career mode or even build for fun. The choice is yours, and exploring new tools does make the game quite immersive. 

Multiple tools. 

An array of tools can be used to renovate the house and make it look presentable. Through these tools, players can seamlessly have their type of home and renovate it as per their preference based on the unlocked features to choose from. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • OS – Windows 7 or higher. 
  • CPU – Intel i3. 
  • Storage – 4GB. 
  • Ram – 4GB. 
  • Graphics – GeForce GTX 560. 

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the game. 

the game is available on any third-party sites and steam as well. Do check other sites where they might offer cracks and mods to elevate the gameplay experience. Download the necessary files. 

Install it. 

Once downloaded, then open the installer and start installing it after selecting the necessary parameters for installation. 

Have fun. 

Upon successful installation, play the game by clicking the shortcut icon on the desktop of the game. 

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