What is Houdini?

Houdini app is a procedural system built from the ground up. This app provides artists with the ability to work free and create multiple iterations and allows for rapid sharing of workflow with colleagues.

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Node-based Workflow

In Houdini, all your actions are stored in nodes. These different nodes are then “ wired ” into networks to create or define a so-called recipe. This recipe can be used and tweaked to refine the outcomes. This whole action is then repeated to create similar yet quite unique results. Houdini’s ability to create and store action in the form of nodes is what gives this app its nature.

Artist Friendly Tools

The nodes are unique and are what gives Houdini its unique structure and give it power. Other than them, there are many kinds of viewports and tools that allow for an Artist Friendly interaction. While you work Houdini automatically creates and connects nodes for you. This allows for artists to focus on more important tasks and saves a lot of time. Houdini also allows artists to explore different creative paths as it is really easy to create new nodes and branch off to obtain many alternative solutions.

VFX and Simulation

Houdini’s visual effects attract many kinds of Artists due to its procedural workflow which is ideal for the creation of Sophisticated particles and Dynamic simulations. The many effects in Houdini are typically designed for the task of reacting to the actions taking place in a shot and then a procedural solution ‘automates’ these different reactions. This allows for studios to have more creative control and a better turnout speed.

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Uses of Houdini-

1. Film and TV

With Houdini, film/ cinema editors can create more shots under a tight schedule, thereby increasing their productivity with film quality results with the help of Houdini’s node-based workflow.

2. Game dev

Game developers are constantly being forced to provide a better and larger world with vast amounts of content. This growing need is rapidly increasing, forcing developers to increase their efficiency even further. With the help of Houdini, developers can achieve these great demands in their tight deadlines. The procedural approach of Houdini offers even quality games.

3. Motion Graphics

Animators and many different storytellers use motion graphics to create content that simulates the audience using their powerful land compelling visuals. With Houdini’s help, these designers can create a wide variety of aesthetics and dynamic experience due to its procedural node-based toolset.

4. VR

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VR, also known as Virtual reality has been increasing in popularity. With the introduction of Augmented reality, the demands of VR content is also increasing rapidly. To solve this Houdini provides a set of very powerful tools which makes it easier to create and manage a large amount of information, stored in the form of notes that make it easy to create beautiful digital worlds.

Houdini provides a large variety of applications. You can purchase them for a relatively cheap price. There is also a trial version of this app available on its official site that you can use for free. 

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