Video editing isn’t a piece of cake. While the software might make the experience smooth, conjoining content on the software takes time and effort.

Especially if you’re someone that is looking to add VFX effects, then the learning curve is enormous and comprehensive. Even though paid software, the learning curve is never-ending.

FULL NAME:HitFilm for Windows

But wait, there is free software that lets amateurs have theirs in incorporating VFX effects and video editing effects. Meet HitFilm. 

What is HitFilm?

For those looking for a free tool in video editing that is packed with features and a simple learning curve, then HitFilm if for you. The software enables anyone looking to have their baby steps in the video editing and VFX wizardry universe. 

Dedicated to emerging content creators, YouTubers, filmmakers, and more alike, there are tutorials available online that make it easier to understand the workings of the software. Forever free and packed with more than 410 effects and presents, it sure has a lot to offer, including the unlimited transitions and tracks to incorporate in videos. 


The entire user interface is simple. Through its timeline function, making chops and integration of effects becomes a more straightforward process. There are even options for color grading/mapping, 3D titling, and much more. Addition of special effects such as energy distortions, lightsabers, explosions, and much more is available and free of charge. 

The software is available for both macOS and Windows versions right from 98 to the 10th version of the software. 

Key Features of Hit Film

Free Training

There are several tutorials online that can give the user a fully-fledged experience in using the software. The community of users is quite helpful, and learning something new in using the software is an enjoyable experience. 

YouTube Uploading is Simpler

Through its native exporter to upload videos directly to YouTube is possible. Upload it in any format you wish cleanly and straightforwardly. 

A Powerful Free Editor

The software provides almost all the features and effects that one could find in a paid professional video editor all for free. It’s much supported and has a full recognition as well amongst users. 

More than 410 Effects and Presets

The application provides an assortment of features and effects. It’s more than what users could ask for. Essential editing tools such as transitions, ripple edit, plus multiple audio and video tracks are all there. Apart from this, there are other effects such as 3D generated computer fire, realistic lens flare, 3D text, and much more. 

Green Screen Shooting Possibility

Creating your very own sci-fi video is now possible. Add your favorite characters or videos on the background through the feature.  

How to Download and Install HitFilm on PC

  • Download the installer

The software is huge. It can be downloaded either from its official website or from any third-party website that hosts the application.  

  • Install the application

Open the installer file and let the application install. It might take several minutes for it to finish. 

  • Start Editing

Once it finishes downloading, you can either open it right from the installer or a desktop shortcut. 

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install HitFilm on Mac

  • Download the installer

The DMG file for macOS is hosted by any third-party website or through the software’s official website. Based on the macOS version, do download the necessary. 

  • Run it

Verify the installer by opening it. Copy the application icon to the Applications folder. Later, open the software from the applications folder and install the software. It might take time, but it’s worth the wait. 

  • Start editing

The software will open once the installation finishes. Open it and start editing without any interference whatsoever. 

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