To tackle the expanding boredom and to relax your mind after a hectic day, interactive games are the best options. While playing these games, you use your brain in a comfortable way eliminating stress and tiredness, and the happiness driven out is reflected in your mental health. One such game to past your time merrily is Helix Jump.
It is a very simple mouse-based scrolling game designed by Voodoo.

FULL NAME:Helix Jump
Download for Windows

The game has gained severe popularity during this time as it does not require any complex settings or time to load. It works well under less bandwidth of internet connectivity and simple system design. It is somewhat addictive but exciting at the same time. The objective of the game is to bring the ball downward by crossing a maze
and reach the bottom.

Helix Jump is a lively jumping challenge, where you need to help a ball fall down the bottom of a spiral maze. The bouncy ball always jumps forward in the rising spiral ladder. The player needs to control the spiral labyrinth rotation to expose the gaps and let the ball fall within them. By following this, the player needs to drag the ball at the bottom of the spiral.

Key Features of the Application

  1. The player needs to drop the ball between the blocks connected to the long piece in order to advance in the game.
  2. After reaching a new level, the challenge becomes more difficult. For instance, the player needs to avoid dark blocks else if the ball touches them, the game ends.
  3. The game is designed in a way to give a lively and relaxing experience to the users. Yo0u can share it with your friends and challenge them to score more.
  4. The game has many levels and it tests your handling, wit, and analytical capabilities as you move forward in the game.
  5. Helix Jump has an easy-to-use and user-friendly control system. It doesn’t require any additional setup or complex starting process.
Helix Jump
Helix Jump
Download for Windows

How to Download and Install Helix Jump on PC using Bluestacks

BlueStacks is an application that allows you to run Android apps on your PC conveniently. Follow the steps below to download and install Helix Jump on your PC.

Download and install the Bluestacks software in your PC from the link provided. It is free to download and has a convenient interface.

  1. After installation, launch the application on your PC.
  2. On the displayed window of the app, go to the My Apps button and click it.
  3. In the search bar, type “Helix Jump” and press the search button.
  4. You could find a list of results, choose the first one. Install the app from the list.
  5. You need to log in to your google account to access the Google Playstore app to download Helix Jump using Bluestacks.
  6. After login, the installation process will begin for the game. Finish the installation and click on it to enjoy playing this fantastic game.

How to Download and Install Helix Jump on PC using Nox

Download for Windows

You can also use Nox application to download the Helix Jump from the website. You can follow the steps below to install the application using the Nox App Player.

  1. Download and install the Nox app player software in your PC from the link provided in
    this page.
  2. Once the installation process is over, run the Nox application in your PC.
  3. Login to your Google Account before using this app in your PC.
  4. In the search tab, type “Helix Jump” and press the search button.
  5. From the search results, install Helix Jump on your Nox Emulator.
  6. Launch the game after installation in the installed apps section to spend your leisure
    time effectively.

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