Tetris has been the game that had revolutionized the gaming sector back in the ’90s, and almost every arcade had the game in the store. But when you look at the other available options that offer a similar gaming experience, then several titles come to mind. One of them happens to be Hatris. 


What is Hatris?

Hatris happens to be a similar version of Tetris, but all you have to do stack five hats of a similar kind, one on top of the other. To eliminate the stack of hats, the more similar hats stacks, the better. Fun fact: the game was actually developed by Tetris’s developer and was created before Tetris as well. 

If you are looking to play the game, you might need an emulator to play it on a computer. 

Which emulator to choose to play the game?

Playing any game that worked on a dedicated gaming console would require an emulator. They come in various formats. While the function is similar, the user interface is different. Also, the game can be played exclusively on game boy advance. Thus, the similar emulators that help in emulating the game are given as follows.  

  • PC – VBA. 
  • macOS – OpenEMu. 
  • Linux – Mednafen. 
  • Android – Retro Arch. 

Games similar to Hatris

Hatris » NES Ninja

Pie dream. 

The game is quite impressive, given that your task in the game is to create a network of pie layouts where no spillage occurs. It’s quite the brain test where your options and space are limited, and amidst all of that, you have to create the pipe structure to get the best flow structure. 

Tetris 4D. 

Tetris has always been a classic favourite for many people across the globe. Though it comprised of a simple gameplay feature, it did enhance the engaging factor of the game. Moreover, the gameplay revolved around aligning shapes in perfect spaces to get the line eliminated. But with each release, things just kept getting better. 


The game is somewhat similar to scrabble, where you have to make words and get the best outcome from the game. You have particular words that you have to make up on the board. But if no words come into your mind, you can literally add on some random letters to create newer words of sorts. 

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