The Wizarding World of Hogwarts created by the masterful hands of J.K Rowling has been on our list of ‘places to visit’ since time immemorial. In 2018, this dream was accomplished in virtual style. The game of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launched. We got a taste of magic through our screens. This role-playing game was officially licensed by Harry Potter but that didn’t stop it from receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful game and we’ll explore more of it by listing out its features.

FULL NAME:Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
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Key Features Of The Game

Narrative Gameplay

The player is in complete control of the game by way of making decisions upon encounters with other characters. This decision-making power in turn controls the flow of the narrative so you should remember there are two sides of the story every time you make a decision.

Energy System 

The energy system plays a vital role in the game. The player gets tasks throughout the game and in order to make progress, they need to be completed. These tasks require energy which keeps depleting. The earlier release of the game had a poor energy management system but with recent improvisations, it has become better thus giving better gameplay experience .

In-currency System

One of the other modifications made to the game was the introduction of books. These books act as currency. They can be won through successful duels or completeing side quests. You can buy pets, adopt magical creatures, buy clothes and many more from the shop. Sounds wicked doesn’t it?

Interactive Wizarding Experience

Overall, the game ensures you are pulled into Hogwarts harder than an expelliarmus spell can pull you. It lets you interact with playable as well as non-playable characters. You gain different attributes that don’t necessarily pertain to your House’s characteristics. Professors can deduct House points and at the end of each year, the House Cup is awarded. All in all, it’s a dream come true for Harry Potter fans who can live the Wizarding life they have dreamt of.

How To Download It On PC

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Download for Windows

If you are scared of viruses invading your system through downloading games, we have got you covered. We will give you two very efficient methods of downloading your game:

Download the game using Bluestacks

Step 1: Go to  and download the Bluestacks software from there. The installation will complete in a couple of minutes

Step 2: Open the software once it has downloaded. Sign into your Google account and access the Google play store

Step 3: Search for Hogwarts Mystery. Click on it for download. This will again take a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Your game is finally installed. You can access it by clicking the game icon on Bluestacks’ list of installed apps.

Download the game using NoxPlayer

Step1: This is Bluestacks’ less user-friendly counterpart. It works just as efficiently. Download the app from

Step 2: Once it has been installed, access the play store the same way you did in Bluestacks

Step 3: Search for Hogwarts Mystery. Click on it for download.

Step 4: You will find your game in the list of installed apps. Simply double click the game icon and immerse yourself into the magical world of Hogwarts

Download for Windows

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