Granny 2 is a sequel to the original horror game of the same name. By all reasons, this one should have been titled ‘Grandparents’. Granny still lurks the hallways but this time, she is accompanied by her demonic husband, Grandpa. The goal of the game is still the same. You need to escape the prison of a house before they can catch you. Granny retains her sharp ears but Grandpa is hard of hearing. He makes up for it with his bat hitting skills, so beware! You need to ramp up your stealth skills if you wish to solve the clues that guide you to your freedom. The challenge is twice as tough this time and so is the horror. Granny 2 is a horror game that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat. If you think you possess the steel nerves to make it out, give it a try.

FULL NAME:Granny 2
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Key Features Of Granny 2

Hide And Seek
Like the previous game, you don’t carry weapons with you. Your only means of defence are hiding spots around the house. Be sure to learn them quickly for your evil grandparents can barge into rooms when you are looking for clues. If you can’t hide in time, then you need to run. The hallways are littered with bear traps so they can catch you like the prey you are. So you need to be vigilant. If you make it past the bear traps, then you can make it past their clutches too. Because trust me, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of their bloody bats.

Terror-Filled Gameplay
You don’t need to focus on the mediocre graphics because the ambience makes up for it. Tension keeps mounting at several instances. You will be hard pressed not to freeze when you come face to face with your grandparents’ soulless eyes and rows of their gleaming teeth. The horrifying music will give rise to goose bumps on your arms and the jump scares will make you white with fear. Despite it all, if you are a big fan of mystery and horror combined, then you won’t be disappointed with this game

Granny 2 Guide (Chapter Two) - Mejoress
Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

You can get the thrills and chills of this game on your mobile devices. It is freely available on play store so you don’t need to make purchases of any sort. However if you want to exploit its features on the expanse of your PC screens, then just follow these instructions:

Download It Using Bluestacks

  1. You will find this application free for download on
  2. After downloading it, it will launch on its own and you will find play store in-built in it. 
  3. Search for the game in the search bar. Tap on it for download.
  4. After it finishes download, you can click the game for play on your Bluestacks’ home screen.

Download It Using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. This emulator can be downloaded from the site
  2. After download, you will find it has a similar interface as that of Bluestacks.
  3. Search for the game on Nox’s play store. When you find it, click on it for download.
  4. After it is downloaded, you can play the game from your Nox home screen.

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