Grand Summoners is a throwback to epic battle games that stemmed from anime. Its gorgeous graphics give a refined polish to the RPG games you played in childhood. Once you delve into this gigantic fantasy world, you take charge of assembling your characters into one colossal unit. Make sure your unit has an extremely powerful arsenal so you can save your world from mass destruction. The opposing side has hordes of frightfully strong demons so you need to be well prepared. It is your destiny to save the realm of Raktehelm from evil forces.

FULL NAME:Grand Summoners
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Key Features Of Grand Summoners

Iconic Characters
The name of the game implies you are not alone in your quest. When times get difficult, you can summon ancient heroes from their graves. They will come back to life and lift you out of the darkest pits. With their glorious addition, your team will possess the strength of a thousand suns. As you advance through the storyline, never forget about them. Make perfect strategies with your unit before you decide to summon those anime icons.

Awesome Multiplayer
You can connect to not one, but four players at once. They will join forces with you and together, you can unleash hell upon your enemies. These co-op battles prove to strengthen the bond between allies. If you are lucky, you can turn your foes into allies as well. There are special boss levels where teamwork is essential. Without building a strong support system of allies, you cannot advance through those levels.

Amazing Graphics
There are times when you will forget this is a 2-D game. The graphics are crafted so beautifully that you will find yourself lost in the swirling colours. They have the best 2-D graphics for any RPG game on mobile. For anime fans who love flashy battles with simple controls, this game will be a real treat. Revive fallen heroes on your grand mission to save Raktehelm’s humankind.

English version for Grand Summoners to be released soon - GamerBraves
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How To Download It On PC

A game with such an intricate palette of colours deserves to be played on large screens. Yes, you can play it on mobile devices but to really appreciate the masterful graphics of this RPG game, you should try playing it on your PC or Macbook. Here, we will discuss two applications that can grant you the PC experience.

Download It Using Bluestacks

  1. One of the most popular android emulators can be downloaded from the site
  2. Wait a few minutes for it to download. It will launch by itself, you needn’t click it. On the Bluestacks’ home screen, you will find play store. Open it.
  3. Search for the game as you would search for it on any mobile device. Tap on it for installation to begin on PC.
  4. After it finishes downloading, you can play the game on your PC screen.

Download It Using NoxPlayer

  1. Another emulator that we will be using is NoxPlayer. Download it from the site In addition, download the apk file of Grand Summoners on your PC.
  2. After it successfully installs, open Nox and find the option of ‘Add apk’ on the bottom sidebar.
  3. Click on it to add your game’s apk file. 
  4. Your game will install on PC and you can finally play it.
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