There was a time where the 90s kids can easily relate to, and it was the time of Computers. The electronic device which was excessively in demand were computers. They were very popularly used for playing the limited options of video games we had.

FULL NAME:Granblue Fantasy Versus
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However, things have changed now and the world has moved towards tremendous advancement in terms of technology. Now we have access to the best of electronics such as PS4 which allow us to get our hands on a verity of games without any struggle.

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 Beta Sign Ups have now gone online for being live for Granblue Fantasy Versuson PS4.

More details about the Game

The Granblue Fantasy Versus is the all-new action and fighting’s game in the town. The game has been created by the best in the industry who were the creators of Blazblue and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The game is particularly set within the universe of Granblue Fantasy universe. Arc System Works are considered to be pro or unsurpassed about one important thing and that is on how to go about creating Anime styled fighting and action games. The games like Blazblue games, Guilty Gear and current game Dragon Ball FighterZ have seen a tremendous and huge amount of success. All of these games have got enough appreciation and praises from the audience. Now thr entire attention and focus of the creators have turned towards making of Granblue Fantasy universe.

The Granblue Fantasy Versus is game which is exclusively and primarily meant for PS4 users to be played. The game basically goes on to give a chance to the players to get a feeling of empathy by stepping into the shoes of any of their favourite characters of the Granblue Fantasy universe. As of now, the makers had only announced the names of the main six characters, which will be allowed to be chosen by the players. These six characters are as follows:


A: Charlotta

B: Lowain

C: Ferry

D: Gran

E: Lancelot

F: Katalina

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Makers have also announced that with progress, they will surely announce more names. For any player to be eligible with the beta games, he or she mandatory will need to sign up with Beta due. As notification was released last year to sign up before May 23rd and which will continue through till 1st June. Be going through the previous records, Arc System Works makes sure to create some very dangerous, high-level and complicated games for the players from the start and this game is not going to be an exception.

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