All about the Gamble application

Have you ever wondered why you always have to keep the smartphones with you whenever you want to access your Instagram? Well, what if your smartphone discharges and/or does not work properly and you have to urgently upload a picture or edit any picture? Well, the Gamble application is at your rescue. This is an application which allows the user to upload the images on the Instagram account.


The upload is very easy to do and you need not have any special arrangements for the same. It is a very handy application when it comes to accessing Instagram without the use of a smartphone. The application is super easy to download and operate. It is absolutely user friendly as it allows them to upload the pictures in different formats.

Features of the Gamblr Application:

  1. Upload in different formats: The application supports uploading the images in different formats such as BMP and JPEG, so you do not have to worry about changing the format of the pictures before uploading. 
  2. Filters and effects: You can upload the pictures as well and edit them according to choosing from more than 50 different effects and features.
  3. Requires square pictures: The application is no different than an assistant of Instagram, you have to upload the pictures in the shape of a square as you do through your smartphone. 
  4. Compatibility: the application is absolutely compatible with almost every device. But, it is specially designed for desktop as people who do not have their smartphones working, they can use it. 
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5. Easy download: The application can be downloaded from any online available source. It is free to download and you do not have to make an account.

Requirements for the download:

There is no such requirement for the application. Since the same accompanies Instagram, you are supposed to have an Instagram account. If you don’t, you can very easily create an account on Instagram even through your laptop. The application is supported by almost every Windows’ version including Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows Vista or XP. Although there is a requirement of a 32bit or 64 but set up on your desktop which can be done using very easy steps. 

Downloading the application 

The application is very easy to download and as stated above, it is free to download. The installation and download processes both can be carried out by following simple steps displayed on your screens. You need not worry about the space either as it doesn’t require much. Before the download, the website from which you are downloading requires a 64-bit setup which is very easy to be carried out. Once done, you can easily avail the facilities of the application by uploading your favourite pics on your Instagram account in any format. You can edit the pictures easily and select a particular layout in which you wish to upload the pictures. The application has become very famous among the people. 

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