Computer systems these days come with in-built storage capacity that has a commendable storage capacity. Such storage capacity’s comes handy when there are multiple data of different formats have to be stored onboard a computer system. They could be used to boot a separate operating system itself.  

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Talking about booting a different operating system, there are other third-party applications that let you do so. Along with this, they also help in dividing the storage devices or resetting them based on usage. Over here, we are going to discuss a similar application that does exactly the same. 

What is GParted?

GParted is an application that is a small bootable GNU for x86 based computers. It also is used for dividing/partitioning of the hard drive graphically and checking its performance as well. With the application, copying, resizing, partitioning, shrinking your drives becomes a hassle-free process. 

All the functions that this software carries out results in no data loss until and unless there is some physical damage obtained by the hard drive itself. It’s quite a handy tool with nifty features that help in supporting the storage devices adequately.  

Key Features of GParted

Download for Windows

Creation of Partitions

The software helps the users in the creation of partitions, deleting, copying, resizing, moving, or checking the data on the hard disk. Along with this, the software helps in enabling or disabling partition flags. 

A Plethora of Support

There is extensive support for all sector sizes such as 512, 4096, 1024, 2048 bytes. Support for RAID hardware, Linus software RAID, and motherboard BIOS RAID. 

Great OS Support

Gparted can be used on computers that x86 and x86-64 based Windows, Linus, or MacOS X by booting from the storage allocation containing Gparted Live. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the software

To have Gparted on your system, download the latest version of the software on your computer system based on your operating version. It wouldn’t be larger. It’s quite small and can be downloaded effortlessly. 

  • Install it

Once downloaded, open the installation package and install the software. Choose all the necessary options in terms of the installation of the program and let the software install.  

Upon successful installation, open the application and enjoy the surplus offerings that it has to offer. 

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