Who else wants software that can identify objects by the use of your computer or mobile phone? If you haven’t heard of that software yet, then this article would discuss this unique software launched by Google. 

FULL NAME:Google Lens
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Gone are the days when you’re manually typing a search text in Google if you found something interesting in your surrounding environment because last 2017, Google released a very promising software that detects and understands objects. 

It was initially just for Google Pixel phones, but now, Google lenses can already be used by any android phones, IOS, and even on desktops.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a software that allows its users to point at something like a particular object on 

your screen, and then ask Google Assistant what the object you’re pointing at is. Not only will you be told the answer, but in the case of a plant or a flower, you will get recommendations based on the thing, like flower shops situated nearby. 

Other examples of Google Lens’ feature include being able to take a snapshot of your Wi-Fi’s SSID sticker on the rear, after which your handset can directly connect to the Wi-Fi network without you having to do anything else. You can point and snap instantly.

Google lens captures and identifies various objects; Google Lens unifies AI power with a more accurate computer visualisation. It uses technology for image recognition, giving the user the requisite details about the object recognised. It integrates it with the other apps after collecting the information to deliver rapid, smooth, and increasingly precise results.

Top Features of Google Lens

New Places Filter

One of the most popular features of Google Lens is the “New Places Filter” feature. It is located in the shopping and dining section of the app. This notable feature of Google Lens allows the users to point to a place or structure using the camera, and the software will detect and show the info regarding the area. It also gives you a lot more options like locate, share, and call the actual place.  

Homework Assistance

Due to the current pandemic, school setup has been transitioned to homeschool or online class, with this setup, Google Lens could come in handy for most students since it has a feature of assisting students in solving their math problems. 

The student needs to find the math problem that he/she is having a hard time dealing with, and point the Google Lens to it using the Homework feature— the lens will instantly suggest or generate the final answer of the math equation is shown. If you want Google Lens to show the step-by-step solution of the problem, you can tap “solve”, and the detailed solution with definition will be shown on the screen.

Converting Handwritten Notes into Text 

Another notable feature that Google Lens possess is the Text from Handwritten notes conversion. This feature is perfect for students who wish to transfer their notes from their notebook going to their computer. You can open your notes and point Google Lens to your handwritten notes and click “Select All”, note that you need to log the same google account on your computer and mobile phone to pull this off. After you selected text, click “Copy to Computer”, and you can now paste it into your account’s Google docs. 

However, you need to make sure that your penmanship is legible enough to be read by Google Lens to avoid detection mistakes. This feature does not only apply to handwritten notes; you can also use this to detect texts from a textbook or your favourite fiction book and convert it to editable text.

Package Tracking

We all know that the current health crisis made worldwide E-commerce skyrocket, so this feature of Google Lens, wherein you can track emails or packages in transit will be a feature that most users are commonly using. The tracking is made simple since you only need to position your lens in front of a package’s shipping information, then the details will then be detected and highlighted— Google assistant will then prompt the URL for the tracking page where you can find the progress of your package.  

How to Use Google Lens on the iPhone
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Random Image Detection

This feature gives Google Lens users a fun way to discover anything that they come across. You can point Google Lens to any random object that’s under the sun, and Google Lens will analyse the image and provides you millions of resources, URLs, and links that contain the object’s information. It could either be a summary or a more deep search regarding the object. 

Restaurant Ratings and Reviews

If you’re exploring the city as a visitor or tourist, you may have found yourself in circumstances where you’re staring at a lot of shop-front restaurants, unable to find out which one to go. When it comes to this, Google Lens will assist. Just point Google Lens to the shop fronts and the restaurants will be found, and Google Maps will pull up their scores and feedback. This feature is handy if you’re travelling to an unfamiliar place and wants to discover good restaurants near the area.  

How to Download and Install Google Lens on your PC

Now, the entire process of installing Google Lens software on your PC is pretty quick and easy. You need to follow these crucial steps before you can finally download and install it.

Download and Install an Android Emulator

  • The first step is downloading an Android Emulator. Installing Google Lens on your android phone is very straightforward since you can download it immediately on Google Play Store, in this case, for PC— you need to download an Android Emulator first to make the software compatible in your Desktop Computer. 

There are lots of existing Android Emulators, but Bluestacks, Nox, and LDPlayer are the top emulators available out there. 

  • Once you have downloaded the Android Emulator, go to your PC’s download folder.
  • Click+Enter on the file, read the User’s Agreement, then start to follow the step-by-step installation process and wait for it to  

Once the entire process is completed, then your Android Emulator should now be ready for use.

Downloading Google Lens on the Android Emulator

Download for Windows
  • Open the Android Emulator which you chose to download.
  • Search for “Google Lens” in the emulator’s existing search bar
  • Install the software
  • Once the installation is completed, go back to your downloaded apps and click the icon to launch the app.

At this point, you can now enjoy all the mentioned features of Google Lens.

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