Developed by the South Korean company, GOM & Company, the GOM Player (Gretech Online Movie Player)is a media player. Broken media files can be played with the help of this software and also missing codec files of videos can be searched with the help of this software and can be downloaded too.

FULL NAME:GOM Player for Windows
Download for Windows

What is GOM Player?

It is a safe and free multimedia player. Users can play even damaged files and even those files which are being downloaded. This software is designed in a manner to perform more than any other typical media player. This software comes with GOM Remote which gives it user the ability to control the software with the help of a smartphone. The files can be played at a specific frame rate. 

The GOM Player is far more advanced than your typical media player. Behind a simple interface, the software has powerful functions such as users can search for codes, Youtube videos can be searched, and also the subtitles. Using the GOM remote users can control the software using their smartphones. The software allows its users to play the file at a specific frame rate. 

Although the playback quality isn’t as high as they claim it to be. Along with the download of this software, it comes along with several other software. Additional software such as GOM Audio, GOM Mix, GOM encoder can be installed with it. If users want to play with options of customization and playback then this software is made definitely for you. 

GOM Player
GOM Player
Download for Windows

List of Features of GOM Player

Comprehensive File Support: – The most popular video format such as AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV, and more can be played easily by this software.

Subtitle Functionality: – Users can use the library provided by this software for subtitle download and can also link it to the website Options like sync and placement of the subtitles are provided by this software

360 VR Videos: – By the use of keyboard and mouse one can watch the 360 degrees VR videos easily and it also provides search and play functions for YouTube videos that support 360 VR Videos. 

Customization: – Users can also modify the skins and download new skins from the official site too. Users can change the icon too and can download them from the official site.

Codec Finder: -This player doesn’t support some of the video files. So, the Codec finder searches for the necessary codec that the user can download to play the files.

User-Interface: – The user interface is quite easy and good. Users can easily navigate the software and find what they are looking for, the design is simple as compared to Winamp, PotPlayer. Most of the configurations can be configured with the right click of a mouse. 

How to Download and Install GOM Player for PC 

Download for Windows
  • Users can download the software from its official site. Navigate the site for the download link. Click on the download link to start the download of Windows or Mac installer of GOM Player .
  • Follow the instruction to complete the installation. Click Finish to complete the installation. Double click on the exe file either on the desktop or the location where you installed the application. Now your application will run.  

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