Golf Clash is the most realistic golf game you will ever play in your life. Those seem like strong words. But for a game that has been recipient of the ‘Game Of The Year’ twice in a year, it fits perfectly. The 3D environment makes players feel like they are actually standing in the beautiful lush green golf course. Golf Clash allows you to challenge random strangers as well as your Facebook friends to exciting matches. Practice your shots through the perfect rendering system Golf Clash provides. Advance on your journey to become the Tiger Woods of virtual golf!

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Key Features Of Golf Clash

Multiplayer Gameplay
What makes Golf Clash so interesting is its real time multiplayer gameplay. You can challenge friends as well as other people who are online on the server. Winning matches develops your stats and refines your golf skills. This can cement your place on the leaderboard for the world to see. The matches last for three to five minutes so you don’t have to spend hours with one challenger. You can play quick matches with different people in succession. This gives you ammunition for your bragging rights.

Go On World Tours
You aren’t limited to playing just quick matches. There are different golf leagues to enter and clubs to join. Joining clubs makes you part of the elite golf community which increases your chance to participate in world tours. But for this, you need to master the sport through all the weather conditions that befall on you. Show your critics that you are capable of making ‘holes in one.’

Banter With Opponents
When engaged in a match with an opponent, you can send them texts or emoticons. This is by no way a means of distraction. Rather, it is a fun feature that allows you to pass comments as both of you put your golfing skills to test to see who makes the winning shot. You can also record and save your most worthy shots and share them with friends.

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How To Download It On PC

Golf Clash is hailed as one of the highest rated games on Android. It was after all a two time winner in the Mobile Games’ Awards.  One of the reasons for its success is its smooth controls. There’s no incessant tapping on your touch screen. You have to glide your finger along to build your club’s momentum and then release your finger. These controls alter a tiny bit when played on PC. You can download the game and see for yourself:

Download using Bluestacks

  1. The first android emulator we will be using is Bluestacks. Download it from
  2. It comes in-built with Play Store so you just have to log into Google to access it.
  3. Look up Golf Clash. Tap on it for download to begin.
  4. It gets downloaded on your Bluestacks’ home screen. All you have to do is to click it to start playing.

Download using NoxPlayer

  1. This android emulator can be downloaded for its site
  2. After download, it will launch open and you will find play store in it too. 
  3. Search for Golf Clash. Click on it for download to start.

Once it is downloaded, you will be able to access it from your NoxPlayer’s home screen.

Download for Windows

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