In recent times, the gaming community has evolved rapidly and ensured that players worldwide stay connected with each other’s features. But then it wasn’t enough for players, and several gaming developers decided to establish their very own platforms where dedicated games could be available on these platforms. Moreover, these platforms could help different gamers connect and do lots more.

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However, the problem arose when players tried to connect with different players on different platforms, which wasn’t. It’s where third-party developers developed their owning platforms, and we have such exciting applications up for discussion today. 

What is GOG Galaxy?

GOG Galaxy is a platform that lets users connect with various gamers of the game you might be playing. It comprises all the games that different developers make and puts it under one roof where players can get to know other gamers from various games. It shows all the stats and other gamers centric information through the application. The software is available on Windows and macOS. 

Key features of the software. 

One library. 

The launcher can be used to launch all your games under one roof and lets you import all the games installed on your computer. 

Complete customization. 

You can change the application’s user interface by altering the background image and other fonts in the application. 

Game discovery. 

You can keep track of all the latest launches and deals coming up in the gaming universe all through GOG Galaxy. 

Game launcher. 

Install your favorite game on your computer, and have it found in the application seamlessly. 

Stats of games. 

Have all your in-game achievements and other high scores recorded in the software for future references. 

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Download for Windows

How to download and install it on PC?

Download the installation files. 

The installation files are readily available on the software’s official website. Download it. 

Install the software. 

Once downloaded, install the application by following the prompted on-screen set of instructions. Choose various preferences and settings while installing the software. 

Have fun. 

Enjoy using the software end. Customize it to the fullest extent. 

How to download and install it on macOS?

Get the DMG files. 

The DMG files can be downloaded from the software official website. Get the latest version. 

Open and install it. 

Upon downloading it, open the files and setup the installer. Install the software into the applications folder and ensure that you get all the steps right for a successful installation. 

Enjoy the software. 

Download for Windows

Access the software through the application doc or the app preview. The application would automatically start after a successful installation procedure. 

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