Remember the game ‘Pokémon Go’ that became a global phenomenon few years ago? It entranced both teenagers and adults alike. You couldn’t walk down the street without bumping into a would-be Ash Ketchum on the hunt for more Pokémon. The fever pitch has died considerably but the game persists even today. If you are one of those still trying to ‘catch ‘em all’, then I am here to help you with this wonderful app called GO Radar. GO Radar is basically an assistant app to Pokémon Go. It helps you track Pokémon from a global real time perspective. It doesn’t matter where you are; GO Radar will show you Pokémon across all parts of the world. It is the best Pokémon tracker you will ever find on play store.

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Key Features Of GO Radar

Accurate Locations
The reason why GO Radar holds a consistent four star average on play store is because of how well it can track Pokémon. It uses crowd-sourced information to achieve this feat. The user doesn’t need to provide input to it. GO Radar will just sprout a map littered with Pokémon before your very eyes. It pinpoints the location of the Pokémon you want and also shows the time it is expected to disappear. You have to grab your running shoes and catch them before they are gone.

Download for Windows
This free app will help you find any Pokemon in Pokemon Go – BGR
Download for Windows

Filtering Pokemon
One of GO Radar’s valuable settings is the favourites’ section. This section is where you can categorise your Pokémon into your favourites as well as what you believe to be common. The favourites section becomes the app’s first priority. It will always be on the lookout for them and will notify you when they are visible on your map. This can help you catch rare Pokémon that happen to be your favourites. You can change alert settings according to your needs. If you are very desperate, you can switch to ring mode and if you are not, then a simple vibration mode will do.

How To Download It On PC

Pokémon Go , like the name implies, is all about catching Pokémon while you are on the go. So obviously, it is an exclusive mobile app. GO Radar being the assistant app, comes under the same category. These applications work more efficiently on your smart phones. But suppose you are at work and you want to check if there is valuable Pokémon around your work place. You can’t always take the phone in hand for fear of your boss. Instead, you can install it on your PC/Mac so you can keep one eye on your work, and one eye on the map. Here is how you can install it on your systems:

Using Bluestacks

  1. Download this application from its official website
  2. It will open on its own and you will find play store in it. Access it using your Google account.
  3. Download GO Radar from the play store. Make sure your location is switched on.
  4. Now you can access the Pokémon map on your PC/Mac
Download for Windows

Using NoxPlayer

  1. Download this application from its official website
  2. This too comes with pre-installed play store. Sign into Google to access it.
  3. Download GO Radar from the store and make sure your location is enabled.
  4. Your precious Pokémon can now be hunted on the map of your PC screen.

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