Gmail or Google mail is the most widely used electronic mail in today’s world. It was first launched in 2004 to a small group of beta users and it has come a long way since then. Its user interface is nothing out of the ordinary. So what makes Gmail so popular you ask? Well, Google has adorned it with so many innovative features that it’s become perhaps the best mailing application in use today. As the years passed, Gmail was constantly updated to keep in line with changing technological trends. This is why its network of users continues to grow. It’s simply hard to find an alternate mailing app that is as good as Gmail.

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Key Features Of Gmail

Inbox Organisation

When mails keep flooding into your inbox, it can become difficult to keep track. Especially if your job is to send and receive hundreds of emails every day. Gmail knows the burden of sorting through innumerable mails. This is why it categorizes your mails as they flow in. The categories are social, promotional and primary. Informal messages are separated from formal messages. Gmail also keeps spam mail away from your primary inbox. Simply put, Gmail makes your mailing life easier.


Gmail provides important lightweight apps in a collapsible side panel. When you click on this panel, you are provided with a functional assortment of applications like Calendar, Reports, Video mail, etc. They are rich enhancements for Gmail and you will find them to be very valuable.

Free Storage

Sometimes, you forget to clean your inbox which causes your mails to pile high. This takes up a lot of memory space. If you aren’t careful, your inbox can become excessively full and this, in turn, affects incoming mails. Gmail is sure to have an elaborate scheme to deal with an overflowing inbox. And it does. Gmail offers up to 15GB worth of free storage. Not only can you archive mails but you can also archive chat messages. Delete them at your convenience for you have all the space in the world.

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How To Download It On PC

Gmail is as easily accessible from PC as it from your smart phones. You just have to open your browser, search for ‘Gmail’ and you will be granted access to the desktop version of it. However, if you wish to download the application instead of accessing it from your browsers, then you have to follow the given procedure.

Download Gmail using Bluestacks

  1. There’s an Android emulator called Bluestacks. Download the app onto your system.
  2. When it launches, you will find the Play Store in it. Click it to sign into your Google account.
  3. In the Play Store’s search bar, type Gmail. When you find it, tap on download.
  4. The download will finish in another couple of minutes. Your Gmail has successfully installed on your PC system.

Download Gmail using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Another emulator we will be using is NoxPlayer. Download it onto your system.
  2. Upon launching, you will find a similar interface as that Bluestacks. Open Play Store so you can sign into Google.
  3. Look up Gmail in the search bar. Click on it so the installation can begin.
  4. Gmail will install successfully on your PC and you can use it from the NoxPlayer home screen.

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