Ever since the 1990s, games have drastically evolved in terms of graphics, storyline, and so much more. This includes the way we input commands and interact with games.

Nowadays, we are reluctant to use controllers and mostly use the keyboard and mouse pair for playing the games. But a few years back, there was something called “GlovePIE” that made life more comfortable. It mimicked a glove or joystick movement which could be mapped to your keyboard strokes that really helped in playing the games. 

FULL NAME:GlovePIE for Windows
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What is GlovePIE?

GlovePIE completely transformed the way that one played their game. When the choice of mapping your keyboard strokes to a Wii controller, joystick, or virtual reality gloves became available, it made games more interactive and enjoyable. But the best thing about this was the ability to control the mouse cursor, not from a mouse, but a joystick or Wii controller. 

Using the program was quite straightforward. All you had to do was run the program, learn the scripts, map the keyboard and mouse functions to re-route them to the peripherals that you wish to use. That’s it!!

It was that simple and made games quite feasible to play effectively and prolifically. One could create macro buttons that helped gamers cross challenging levels where more input strokes were required. 

Download for Windows

While this software was a boon for gamers, it did come with some problems here and there. For the typical gamer, it did pose difficulties in learning scripts and other functionality of the software. And lagging was another issue that most users faced.

But the best part about this software is that it’s compatible with any Windows operating system from Windows 98 to the modern-day Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, there is no MAC support for this program, but there are promising replacement options on the App store that one can check out. 

Key Features of GlovePIE

Customizability Options

The program offers a seamless array of customizability options where different commands can be mapped for corresponding actions. One can use virtual reality gloves either in a game or to use the mouse on the desktop. 

Highly Responsive

There is close to no lag in the program. Any actions performed in real life immediately translates into the game/function executions allowing you to play the game smoothly.

This is possible because of the simple programming of the script. If you fail to script the program correctly, it might cause lag and unresponsiveness as well.  

Programmable Script

The script that has to be re-written doesn’t necessarily require any complex format of coding where brackets and semicolons are required. It’s quite simple and straightforward, such that “W = glove.z > -40 cm” on the virtual reality glove would make it hit the “W” button.

Such commands can be put into the program that can re-iterate the complete programmability of the game in terms of inputs from external peripherals. But keep in mind, a little reading and understanding are required to carry out this procedure effectively. 

Good Support

The support that the program offers is exceptional. As mentioned earlier, it supports all Windows OS from Windows 98 to the latest options. The features might vary based on the version of GlovePIE that one might download. But the peripheral support is vastly based on the OS and has (close to) no lag whatsoever.  

How to Download and Install GlovePIE on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Software

The software is available online and is just under 5 MB in size. But based on the version, the size may vary. You can download it from any third-party website.

  • Install the Software

Once downloaded, install the software by agreeing to the terms and conditions and follow the installation steps correctly. 

  • Start Programming

Upon successful completion of the installation, run the program. Enter the scripts and re-program the codes to map it to the desired commands and enjoy playing with your controllers. 

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