GlassFish software was released in 2005. Since then, it has helped countless people with its services. The software has been developed by Eclipse Foundation and is written in Java. The software has been written skillfully and works effectively.


Sun Microsystems started the GlassFish software. GlassFish is an open-source Jakarta EE platform that has proved itself as a well-working and efficacious application server. The GlassFish software is supported by Payara, Oracle, and Red Hat.

GlassFish is free to use. The software has a dual license – EPL and GPL.

The GlassFish software helps develop applications that can adapt to the evolving technologies. The applications storage space can be altered, and they can be made to work on multiple systems. 

Key Features of GlassFish Software

Multi Supporting Reference Implementation

GlassFish software has been used by millions all over the globe because of its advanced features. The GlassFish software is a reference implementation that is written in one of the most difficult programming languages – Java. The software supports EJB, JPA, JSF, JMS, RMI, JSP, and many others. Apart from all this, the GlassFish software also supports the addition of other services by installing them into it.

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Runs with Many Systems

The GlassFish software is a multi-faceted software that works and supports a plethora of other systems. The software makes working with it very smooth. The GlassFish software supports a kernel that is powered by OSGi. Further, the GlassFish software also supports and runs with Equinox OSGi or Knopflerfish OSGi. With all these, the GlassFish software can integrate distant and many services that make your applications one of a kind.

Best Services You will Get

 GlassFish software uses Java to control all its functions. It is a software that has been developed using the source code. This source code has been previously worked on by the Sun and Oracle Corporation. The source code has many components that help GlassFish effectively service the web content while also maintaining its super fast speed.

Steps to Download and Install GlassFish on PC

  1. To install the GlassFish software, click on the following link and then click on the download GlassFish button.
  2. Next, accept the terms of the agreement and confirm the download. Do not run the software as soon as you install it.
  3. Enter this text to move ahead: C:\Users\User1\Downloads>ogs-<version you are downloading>-windows.exe -j “<java>“. This will initiate the process.
  4. Select Typical Installation and then keep clicking on the Next button to move forward with the downloading process. 
  5. As you will move ahead, the Domain Info window will appear before you. Fill in the details correctly. Enter the Domain name, and the Service Name will be the same. Then, keep the Admin Port at the default level. Keep a currently available but not used HTTP Port. Lastly, select your username and password.
  6. Press Exit to complete the installation process.

Steps to Download and Install GlassFish on Mac

  1. Using this link goes to the page where you can begin the installation process:
  2. Using this ‘unzip Downloads/’ unzip the file and in the recycle bin of GlassFish software, find the Asadmin file.
  3. To execute this file, use the following commands: ‘cd /glassfish-4.1.1/bin/asadmin’ and ‘./asadmin start-domain’ to move on.
  4. The Localhost option needs to be filled with 4848 and then stop the server.

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