Set in a world riddled with war and chaos, Girls’ Frontline deals with a complex storyline based on the battle between good and evil. Like the name suggests, the good side is fronted by girls. And these are no ordinary girls. In their universe, they are android controlled machines known as T-Dolls. The player needs to form an ‘echelon’ of T-Dolls in order to defeat the computer controlled enemies. The game was developed by a China-based studio called MICA Team. It was released in China in 2016 and its English version had its worldwide release in 2018. Since its release, Girls’ Frontline has been spun off into several sequels. An anime series based on the game aired on television in 2019 for 12 short episodes.

FULL NAME:Girls Frontline
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Key Features Of Girls’ Frontline

Strategy-Based Puzzles

The player has to move his echelons across a map full of linked nodes. All nodes aren’t accessible until prior missions are fulfilled, like rescuing hostages and destroying enemy nodes. The player is responsible for positioning his feminine soldiers on the battlefield. Every doll has a unique firearm so the player needs to position them according to their power. The battlefield formation combined with each doll’s individual abilities determines whether the battle will be won or lost against the enemy team.

Character Development

Every T-Doll serving in the echelon can be made more powerful by using upgrades. These upgrades are unlocked after every mission that is successfully carried out. You can enhance their skill sets as well as their fire-arms. Since no two firearms are the same, the upgrades given to them are rather cool. You can change the dolls’ attires as well. The customisation options are simply too awesome to overlook.

Compete With Players

Girls’ Frontline doesn’t have an official community server. However, in the game, you can compete for rewards with other players around the globe. At the end of every major in-game event, a map unlocks. This map is a high-score based ranking map. If you manage to topple the other high scores off the leaderboard, then you will be rewarded with exciting bonuses.

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How To Download It On PC

To download Android/iOS games on your PC, you need to use emulators. Once you download an emulator, your PC will become an Android/iOS device. You can use it the same way you use your smartphones. Therefore, here, we will be using two Android emulators, namely Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Using Bluestacks

  1. Go to to download this emulator. It will open on its own once the download completes.
  2. There’s Play Store pre-installed in it. To use it, you will first have to sign in to Google.
  3. In the search bar, type the game’s name. Once you find it, click on it so it can start downloading on your system.
  4. Finally, the game downloads and you can play it on your PC using Bluestacks.
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Using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to to download this emulator. Give it a couple of minutes to finish downloading.
  2. You will find Play Store embedded in this too. Sign in to Google and search for Girls’ Frontline in the Store’s search bar.
  3. Click on the game so it can download on your system. 
  4. You will be able to play the game from the Nox home screen.

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