Mobile games have broken the sphere of being boring and non-addictive. Through titles such as Flappy Bird, Jetpack joyride, and more, it’s made quite some target audience. No doubt, there are millions of people enjoying such game sand having the time of their lives. But looking into the computer world and such games are often non-existence. 

FULL NAME:Geometry Dash for Windows
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All thanks to the immense pressure from game developers to creates high-intensity, graphic oriented games, a greater target audience is looking for the opposite. But for those in the market looking for the best of flappy bird and Jet pack joyride, then we have an exciting title that would certainly not disappoint. 

What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a game that one would define as “addictive.” Not becomes of its gameplay but because for its sound and tracks that it offers. It’s addictive and gets users hooked onto the game for extended periods. 

The game comprises of an old-school themed 2D interface. Each level gets you different soundtracks with the fluid motion of characters moving here and there. Don’t get me started on the user interface—such vibrant colours that are mixed and match entirely to give a smoothing gameplay experience. 

While all things sound good and dandy, the game is not for the weak. It gets challenging, swiftly. Like other games where you are rewarded with multiple lives, here there are no lives, but one chance is all you get in clearing a particular level. Keeping users on their toes is what the game does best. 

The presence of a practice mode shapes you adequately in dealing with the different levels the games have in store for you. 

There are a total of nineteen levels; each comprises varying soundtracks, difficulty level, and more. 

Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
Download for Windows

Key Features of Geometry Dash

Unique Soundtrack

The game proved its dominance, all thanks to the soundtrack and the little animations that it offers. They aren’t any ordinary ones, but tunes that would elevate the entire gameplay and give more meaning to the game itself. 

Fluid Gameplay

No doubt, the game does bring few bugs. But nothing that massive that would let the game crash upon running. The animations are fluid, with all background activity occurring seamlessly without disturbances. 

Easy to Learn and Play

Yes, you read that, right!! The game is easy to play, but mastering it is a task of its own. There are practice sessions where the player chooses their difficulty and starts playing. Mastering in practice sessions doesn’t necessarily mean that the levels become easier. It’s a monumental task of its own and requires a lot of patience and dedication to clear any level. You get once chance per level, make it count. 

Tons of User-created Content

The game comprises of several levels that are developed by players themselves. From easy ones to challenging ones, all of them are free to play. But unlocking them can only be done by conquering the level. Thus, play wisely, unlock grandly. 

Minimum System Requirements

The game is available on the app store and the play store as well. But for those seeking the system requirements to run the game, then they are as follows. 

  • Operating system – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. 
  • RAM – 512MB. 
  • Free storage – 100MB. 
  • VRAM – 64MB. 
  • Video card – OpenGL 2.0 Support. 
  • CPU speed – 2.0+ GHz. 

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the game

The game is widely available on several third-party sites. Also, it doesn’t take up much space and can be downloaded easily. 

  • Install it

Once the installed has been downloaded, open/extract it. Open the installer and follow the pre-determined set of on-screen set of instructions in installing the game. Let it install. 

  • Launch the game

Upon successful installation, open the game either from the desktop shortcut of the game or from the installed directory of the game. 

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