This is the spin-off of the original Geometry Dash game. It conforms to the same rhythm-based gameplay as that of its predecessor. Geometry Dash World opens doors to newer and more exciting adventures. Keep your cursor or finger locked on the metallic ball and help it navigate through lanes littered with obstacles. The behaviour manipulating portals are strategically placed around the levels. To bypass difficult lanes, you need to pass through the portals. Geometry Dash World adds a touch of freshness to the original game. With a completely new playlist to jam to and enticing environments, this game is sure to have you glued to your screen.

FULL NAME:Geometry Dash World
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Key Features Of Geometry Dash World

Community-Based Levels

There are dozens of levels to explore. Additionally, you can create your own levels. The Geometry Dash World has an online community where users share the levels they have created. Join in the fun and share your personalised levels. If you manage to dupe players with it, then you will find yourself ranking high on the leaderboard.

New Collectibles

Finish daily quests to earn your rewards. These rewards in turn can be used to buy exciting upgrades like adding a rocket to your vehicle or flipping gravity. There are tons of upgrades to exploit for all their worth but only if you successfully complete the quests.

Amazing Playlist

Geometry Dash World comes with a cool, bluesy soundtrack. Composers like Dex Arson and Waterflame have contributed to the music of this game and it is guaranteed to make your head bop along as you play.

How To Download It On PC

Geometry Dash World! - YouTube
Download for Windows

Our smartphones don’t need prerequisites to download games from play store. However, if we try to download those games on our PC, we encounter difficulties. This is why we need to scheme our way by installing them on our PC’s and Macbooks. With the help of prominent Android emulators, we will install Geometry Dash World on our systems.

Download the game using Bluestacks

  1. The first emulator we will be using is Bluestacks. You can download it from the site
  2. The emulator will launch once it finishes downloading. Play store comes pre-installed in it. To access it, sign in to your Google account first.
  3. Look up for Geometry Dash World. When you find it, simply click on it for download to begin.
  4. The game will be downloaded in a few minutes and you can play it from your Bluestacks home screen.

Download the game using NoxPlayer

  1. The second emulator we will be using is NoxPlayer. Download it from the site
  2. Download the APK file of Geometry Dash World. You will be able to find it easily on the internet.
  3. When the Noxplayer launches, you will an option at the bottom sidebar saying ‘Add APK file’. Click on it to add your game’s file.
  4. In another few minutes, your game will successfully install on your PC/Mac and you can play it on your NoxPlayer.
Download for Windows

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