Geometry Dash is a one touch, rhythm-based mobile game that was first released on iOS in 2013 and later on Android in 2014. Robert Topala, a Sweden-based game developer is the mastermind behind the game. There is no complex storyline to follow. The main objective is to just successfully reach the end of every level. If the player crashes into obstacles in the middle of the level, then he has to start over from the beginning. The player’s vehicle changes colours according to the portals it passes through. It is incredibly fun to play, especially when you consider the unique soundtrack every level offers. There are several more features in it.

FULL NAME:Geometry Dash

Key Features Of Geometry Dash

Platform-Based Controls

Gameplay controls will differ according to the device you are using. If you are using a smartphone, the touch screen is required whereas keyboard and mouse is used for PC gameplay. Additionally, a joystick can also be used. Geometry Dash is truly quite versatile in its controls.

Level Creation System

There are 21 official levels in Geometry Dash but users can create levels of their own as well. Currently, there are 60 million levels in the database that have been created by players. Robert Topala rates these levels and they are featured in a daily or weekly selection on the leaderboard.  Levels are ranked in order of difficulty and each difficulty rewards the player with a number of stars. These stars can be used as in-game currency to make exciting purchases at the shop.

Cool Music

Geometry Dash would become another monotonous rhythm game if it wasn’t for the soundtrack. Each level comes with its unique background music that adds to the energy levels of the game. When a player creates his level, he can choose his own soundtrack. So if you are a fan of Queen, you can make players weave their metallic orbs through pathways to ‘Don’t stop me now.’

History of Geometry Dash Game

How To Install It On PC

Bluestacks and NoxPlay are the two Android emulators we will be using to install Geometry Dash on our PC systems. Here is the guide on how to go about doing it:

Download Using Bluestacks

  1. Firstly, download this emulator from its official website It will take a couple of minutes to install.
  2. This will launch on its own accord so you needn’t click it. It has the play store in-built. Sign in to your Google account to access it.
  3. Type ‘Geometry Dash’ on the search bar. Once you find it, click it for download to begin.
  4. Your game now installs on Bluestacks. Just launch it from there to play it.

Download Using Nox

  1. NoxPlayer can be downloaded from the site It is an alternate Android emulator.
  2. It has play store in-built too. Just sign in to your Google account to access it.
  3. Look up Geometry Dash in the search bar and click on it for download.
  4. The game will install in another few minutes and you can play it from the NoxPlayer home screen.

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