Genshin Impact is a fantastical open-world game that deals with the quest to find answers from the gods of each element, collectively known as “The Seven”.  The storyline is pretty simple. The main characters, who happen to be sisters, travel to the planet of Teyvat where they subsequently separate. From there on, the player takes control and encounters allies, foes and mysteries in the world of Teyvat. When danger eclipses the future of the world, it is up to the player to rescue her friends and the rest of the inhabitants of the beautiful outlandish planet.

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Key Features Of Genshin Impact

Open World Adventure

The breathtaking landscapes of Teyvat lie at your feet. You can walk, run, swim and even glide across the terrains, soaking in the serene ambience of it and working your way through the challenges that come your way.

Array Of Characters

You do not have to embark on this adventure alone. There are plenty of uniquely designed characters that join forces with you as you explore the world. Some will oppose you but some will stand firm by your side. You do not have to despair because with their support, the challenges will look less difficult and the adventure will look more lively.

Combat And Co-Op

Since the game widely revolves around elements, you can harness their energy and unleash irrevocable damage on your enemies. If you find yourself in need of aid, your friends can team up with you in heroic multiplayer style. This will effectively multiply the elemental damage you are capable of and getting rid of threats will become easier.

Language Support

A plethora of languages are supported by Genshin Impact. Chinese, French, Italian, English and Portuguese are some of the many languages available for both voiceover and subtitles. 

How To Download It On PC

Genshin Impact is a gorgeous open-world Zelda-like now available for  pre-registration
Download for Windows

Genshin Impact is freely available on the Play Store app. You can thoroughly enjoy the game on your Android devices. However if you wish to extract the joy of its beautiful graphics on a wider screen, you can play it on your PC/Mac devices. All you need are these magical applications called Android emulators.

Download Genshin Impact Using Bluestacks

  1. There is something called Bluestacks that you can download from It is the most widely used Android emulator on the internet.
  2. Once it finishes installing on your PC, it will launch on its own. You will find the Play Store embedded in it. Sign in to your Google account so you can access it.
  3. Search for Genshin Impact in the search bar. Tap on it to start downloading.
  4. The game is downloaded and you will find it under the list of Bluestacks installed apps. Just click on it and enter the magical world of Teyvat

Download Genshin Impact Using NoxPlayer

  1. NoxPlayer is another Android emulator. You can download it from In addition, you have to download the APK file of Geshin impact. Just Google it and you will find it.
  2. Nox will start on its own. Sign in to its play store with your Google account.
  3. On the bottom sidebar, you will find the option ‘Add Apk file’. Add your downloaded game file through it.

The game will install on Nox and you can finally play.

Download for Windows

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