The 21st century has seen the era of PC gamers boom exponentially. With the PC master race becoming competitive, it’s necessary to have the graphics card updated.

The graphics card is an integral part of the gaming experience and has to be updated regularly. It’s to provide gamers with the latest and the greatest of the gaming features that the card can provide.

FULL NAME:GeForce Experience for Windows

But speaking specifically, Nvidia dominates the gaming community, and their drivers are updated periodically. To assist this aspect of the graphics card, the Geforce experience comes into the picture.  

What is GeForce Experience?

Geforce experience is a software that is required for a laptop/desktop to update their graphics card. It’s applicable only when the system has an Nvidia graphics card. The application is quite useful in providing essential drivers and updates for the graphics card to function effectively. 

The tool is free to download directly from Nvidia’s website and allows PC gamers to record/stream, optimize settings, and much more in their games. It’s necessary that one updates their drivers to avail the best from Nvidia as the slightest of updates can make all the difference in an intense gameplay session. 

GeForce Experience
GeForce Experience

The tool is only available for those devices running the Windows operating systems and comprising of an Nvidia graphics card of any kind. There is no Mac support. 

Key Features of GeForce Experience

Keeping Drivers Up-to-date

The tool is an excellent way of keeping the drivers of your graphics card up-to-date. Any non-updated graphics card can cause problems in gameplay and displaying graphics. All of the updates are either automatic or through a single click of the button. 

Streaming to Nvidia SHIELD Possible

If you have an Nvidia SHIELD, then playing your favorite games around the house through the TV is now feasible. Enjoy graphics-rich games without any lag all through this fancy little tool. 

Share the Best of Gameplay Clips 

Through Ge Force Shadow Play, one can seamlessly capture the best moments of your gameplay. Don’t worry; there is no lag whatsoever. Use it to stream online or even capture your favorite moments to be shared later on.  

Optimizing Games

With the configuration of your PC, it’s not feasible to play any game at high settings all the time. Its where this tool comes handy, which lets you auto-tune the game through the Nvidia cloud center data for seamless gameplay interaction. 

How to Download and Install GeForce Experience on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Application

The application is available on the Nvidia site, where the latest version of the tool can be downloaded. It’s not a large file, so it shouldn’t take much time. 

Note: almost all Nvidia graphics laptops come with Ge Force experience pre-installed. In case if it isn’t there, then download it.  

  • Install

Open the installation file and run the installer. Agree to all the terms and conditions and let it finish installing. 

  • Run it

Once installed, the Ge Force experience icon should be present on the desktop as a shortcut. Launch it before you play any game to tweak the game and enjoy smooth gameplay, lag-free!!

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