Gboard is a short term for Google keyboard. It is a powerful virtual keyboard app that has been heralded as one of the most popular apps on Android with over one billion downloads to its record. It was first released on iOS and a few months later was introduced to Android devices as well. What makes it so popular you ask? The answer lies in the numerous in-built features that distinguish it from other keyboard apps. This should come as no surprise since it is developed by Google. We will have a glance at all of its features before we move to the download instructions.

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Key Features Of Gboard

  1. Different Typing Styles

Gboard comes well equipped with different typing styles namely glide, voice and multilingual typing. Glide typing is essentially sliding your finger from one letter to another in a kind of ‘join-the-dots’ fashion. Voice typing is dictating the words you wish to type on your keyboard. You have to make sure your voice is firm and clear for it. Multilingual typing lets you effortlessly switch between different languages with the help of Google Translate that is embedded in it.

  1. Additional functionality

The keyboard comes with functions like suggesting words pertaining to the context of text and having its own GIF and emoji collection. It also recognises hand-drawn emojis and predicts the next phrase that is being typed. You can customise your Gboard by changing the theme from light to dark or adding a background image from your gallery.  

  1. Language Support

When Gboard first released on iOS, it supported just one language i.e. English. But on Android, it supported over a hundred languages. This was back in 2016 when it first came to existence. Now there are over nine hundred languages that are supported by Gboard on both iOS and Android. This includes twenty two Indian languages. Gboard definitely knows that variety is the spice of life.

How To Download It On PC

Update: Addition of 'Trending searches'] Gboard 8.2 improves autocorrect  hints [APK Download]
Download for Windows

Gboard isn’t available on PC but we can rectify that problem with the help of Android emulators. An Android emulator turns your PC/Mac into an Android device which enables you to exploit its features on a bigger screen. There are two emulators we will be using to show you how to install Gboard onto your PC.

Download Gboard using Bluestacks

Step 1: Firstly, go to Bluestacks site from where you will be able to easily download the emulator. The site is called

Step 2: Bluestacks will open automatically after installation finishes. When it does, you will be asked to sign into Google to access the play store. Do it.

Step 3: Search for the Gboard app. Click on it to start download. This will take a short while.

Step 4: You will find the Gboard under the list of Bluestacks installed apps. To use it, simply double click on it.

Download Gboard using Nox

Step 1: Nox is the less user-friendly version of Bluestacks. You can download it from

Step 2: Download the APK file for Gboard. Once Nox is installed, open it and sign into Google.

Step 3: Add the APK file from the option provided at the bottom. Your Gboard will begin to download.

Step 4:You can finally run the app on your PC.

Download for Windows

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