A game that is very reminiscent of the famous Grand Theft Auto, Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action adventure game published by Gameloft. It is the sixth instalment in the Gangstar series and despite receiving mixed reviews for its slightly poor graphics and frequent software updates, it has been successfully downloaded over 100 million times on both iOS and Android play store. If you are an ardent admirer of crime and Godfather themed storylines, then this game is for you.

FULL NAME:Gangstar Vegas

Key Features Of Gangstar Vegas

  1. Open World Gameplay

When we compared it to Grand Theft Auto, we meant in the overall gaming experience. Although its logy graphics can’t be compared to GTA’s amazing feat, its gameplay resonates along similar lines. The player can freely roam the streets of Sin City, exploring casinos, shops and several more places. He can travel either in a vehicle or on foot. And if he feels particularly violent, then he can destroy vehicles or kill pedestrians which can win him collectibles.

  1. Mini-Games Galore

Since it is Las Vegas, there are plenty of clubs and casinos you can frequent. You will find these places are littered with mini games in the form of slot machines, blackjack and poker. And if you are bored with the bright lights and money, you can look for a change in scenery by robbing banks, going street racing or engaging in underground fight tournaments. 

  1. Themed Updates

With every ringing occasion, you will find the entire landscape of the game change accordingly. Recently, the whole game got a Christmas makeover, complete with new clothing, themed weapons and vehicles like a rocket-powered sleigh. Similarly, there are tons of seasonal goodies to look forward to for other occasions like Halloween and New Year’s. 

Gameloft | Gangstar Vegas

How To Download It On PC

This game was released on both Android and iOS around the same time. Therefore it is easy to channel the game into bigger screens of our PC’s and Macbooks. We have these wonderful things called Android/iOS emulators that help us do so. Let me tell you how it goes:

  1. Download Gangstar Vegas using Bluestacks

Step1 : You will find this software on its official website titled www.bluestacks.com . Click on download and wait until it finishes installing.

Step 2: Open your Bluestacks. You will find Google play store prebuilt in it. Access it using your Google Account.

Step 3: Search for Gangstar Vegas in the search bar. Once you find it, click on download.

Step 4: Your game will be ready to play on the big screen in another couple of minutes.

  1. Download Gangstar Vegas using NoxPlayer

Step 1: Download the software from its official site www.bignox.com . In addition, download the APK file of the game.

Step 2: Once your Nox Player has downloaded, you will find an icon named “Add APK” on the right sidebar. Click on it.

Step 3: Add your game’s APK file. The game will take a few minutes to install into your Nox Player.

Step 4: Finally, you are one click away from immersing yourself into the mafia world.

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