There are tons of multiplayer games on play store that are sure to hook you and your friends to the screen (if you aren’t already). However, you can reach a rut in deciding which game to play. Your friends would want to play poker but you don’t. This could waste precious gaming time. Well, you needn’t waste time anymore. GamePigeon is the ultimate solution to your gaming needs. Though it is purely meant for iOS users, its high points cannot be overlooked. Let’s delve further into them.

FULL NAME:Game Pegion
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Key features Of GamePigeon

  1. Variety Of Games

You don’t have to scroll through the play store for hours to decide upon a game. And neither does your friend. GamePigeon comes with 22+ in-built games, ranging from chess to mini golf. They belong to a fun classic variety and though they aren’t graphically awesome, they are sure to be immensely enjoyable.

  1. Texting Feature

Since Gamepigeon is a product of iMessage programming, it enables players to text each other throughout the gameplay. That’s right; you can continue bantering across both your virtual pool table as well as your chat screen. Double the banter, double the fun!

  1. Hidden Games

In addition to the prebuilt games visible on your GamePigeon app, you will be delighted to know that upon clicking the App store logo, more games can be added. The only drawback is that the game you wish to add needs to be compatible with the inner working of GamePigeon. Once you comprehend the compatibility, you and your friends can revel in upgraded entertainment.

GamePigeon by Vitalii Zlotskii
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How To Download GamePigeon on different devices

It’s a bit tricky to download a game on PC that is exclusively meant for the iMessage application. It’s easier to play it on Mac than on PC. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. With the use of something called iOS emulators, you can play any iOS game on your PC or android devices.

  1. Playing GamePigeon on Android devices

Step 1: Download an iOS emulator into your device. One of the most popular iOS emulators is the Cider Apk app. We recommend you install that.

Step 2: Once it is installed, simply open Cider. This causes a padoid to install on your phone. You will find its icon on your homepage.

Step 3: Click this icon and your Android will temporarily turn into an iOS powered device. You can easily access the GamePigeon feature through this method.

  1. Playing GamePigeon on PC and Mac

Step 1: There’s a wireless screen-mirroring application known as Reflector. Download it into your system.

Step 2: Now make sure your Mac/PC and IPhone are connected to the same network. Open the Control Center on your iOS device and then click on AirPlay

Step 3: Select your Mac or PC, wherever you wish to play the game and then turn on the Mirroring feature.

Step 4: Finally, switch to iMessage in your device and start playing your choice from the range of GamePigeon games.

Download for Windows

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