Tencent is known for its compelling games such as PUBG mobile, COD mobile, and much more. The company is crushing the RPG space for mobile devices.

While the gameplay remains the same for the PC versions for the same, it can get quite challenging at times. For those that wish to have the same PUBG mobile experience on your PC’s, then Gameloop provides that possibility to come true.

FULL NAME:Gameloop for Windows

What is Gameloop?

Gameloop is an emulator that can play Tencent games on PCs effortlessly. While it’s not an actual android emulator, it is useful for playing games such as PUBG mobile, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, COD mobile, and more. 

The graphics are the same that one might experience on their mobile devices. Using PC rendering software, the visual quality takes no-hit whatsoever. Most of the Tencent game servers provide continuous additions to make it fun for the users. And all the games are pre-configured according to the specifications of your PC for optimal gameplay. 

You can use the WASD keys for gaming. Also, there are so many options to choose from settings such as graphic control, DPI control, rending options, and much more. The emulator is available only for Windows 7,8, and 10. For macOS, other alternatives can enable users to play such games. 


Key Features of Gameloop

Broad Compatibility

The emulator is optimized greatly with Tencent games to provide a rich gaming experience. While there are other games on the platform, the collection is limited.

External Peripheral Usage

The emulator makes full use of the RAM, graphics card, and the processor to provide the optimum gaming experience. Usage of keyboard and mouse for gaming is also feasible with several tweaks possible in the emulator and game itself. 

Simple User Interface

The user interface is clean and clutter-free. Few games might come pre-installed with the software. 

Network Accelerator

For a lag-free experience in online gaming, the emulator has a network accelerator that helps in boosting the network to reduce the ping and provide optimal gameplay. 

Fast and Optimized

There are several corners cut in the emulator to achieve this. But running high-intensity games made by Tencent is what it does best with complete user customization options. 

How to Download and Install Gameloop on PC

  • Download the Installer package 

Several third-party sites host the file for the software. Download it from any of these sites. 

  • Install it

Open the installer and installer the application. It shouldn’t take much time and run the application once it finishes. 

  • Start playing the game

The entire user interface is simple. While some games might come pre-installed, downloading others is required. 

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