Do you want Freedom from distractions? To be more specific, do you want Freedom from distractions you can get during working or studying on your PC? Well, if you do, then there is software for that purpose. Yes, you read it right! You can now gain overall control over distracting apps and websites with the help of Freedom software. It is one of the best software for such uses. You can now focus on your work/studies quickly if you have Freedom software.


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Eighty per cent of solutions developed Freedom as a solution to your distractions. You don’t have to worry about different applications giving notifications or even opening up, nor do you need to worry about any websites that can make you lose your focus. Losing focus due to such things is an everyday activity nowadays. What matters is getting rid of it. You can easily do that with Freedom as it can block any windows application or browser sites that may alter your focus so that you always focus.

Now, you might also want to know about the features of Freedom that can help you to stay more focused and productive. Well, you can get your answers further in the article. Not only that, but you can also check out its downloading process in this article.

Features of Freedom

Now, some of the features of Freedom that can help you to become more focused and productive are as follows:

Make schedules

You will not be able to get away from your work/study as you can create schedules for your different sessions. In this way, you can follow what you originally planned without any distractions.

Locked Mode

Sometimes, we don’t stay up to our words. That is, if you don’t want to work hard, you might slack off sometimes or most of the time. For such a purpose, Freedom contains lock mode. With the lock mode on, you will be unable to leave a session that you created in-between. 

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You don’t have to use separate accounts on different devices just because you can. You can now sync the software from all of your devices.

Distraction remover

Freedom is your distraction remover. How so? Well, it can block any websites or application you want to by creating a list of your unwanted stuff for the time being.

Minimum Installation Requirements of Freedom

If you want to download Freedom on your PC, then first ensure the conditions required for Freedom. Such requirements are as follows:

  • The operating system required for Freedom is Windows 10, 8 and 7.
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit processors are compatible for Freedom.
  • Other than that, there are no additional requirements for Freedom software.

Download and install Freedom on PC

Now, you must be thinking about how you can download Freedom without any complications. Well, no need to worry as it is an easy process. To download Freedom on your PC, you can follow the steps which are as follows:

  1. In the first place, you will have to click on the download button that is provided above to download Freedom on your PC.
  2. After that, you will be able to save the file on your PC.
  3. To save it, you can either click on ‘save’ (file will be saved on the ‘downloads’ folder) or ‘save as’ (you will get an option to keep it at your desired location).
  4. Then, double click on the exe file that you have saved to run it.
  5. After that, an installer or setup program will come up.
  6. Then, follow the steps in the installer program and accept the license agreement as well.
  7. Then, please wait for it to install.
  8. After that, you can launch the software.
  9. Then you will be able to use Freedom after to login on it.

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