Countries around the world restrict their citizens to several websites online.

It might be due to specific social and political issues that major sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. are banned. Especially in China, North Korea, Cuba, and other countries, it’s tough to get a hold of the websites that you love.

FULL NAME:Free Gate 7.88 for Windows
Download for Windows

These sites are either censored or restricted, which makes accessing them quite difficult. That’s why Free Gate 7.88 offers a unique alternative in making content available in all regions across the world. 

What is Free Gate 7.88?

In short, Free Gate 7.88 is an anti-censorship software that lets anyone access any website on the internet even if they are restricted. The tool is overall a fast and reliable source of accessing content, that you desire, anonymously. 

The overall user interface is quite straightforward and easy to use. Accessing overseas websites is as fast as accessing local sites, there is no need to change any settings, and it’s a single executable file. 

The working of the software revolves around an anti-censorship backbone, DIT’s P2P, DynaWeb like system networks. There are newer versions always pushed out that offer better algorithms for unique encryptions, bug fixes, and so on. 

Freegate 7.88
Freegate 7.88
Download for Windows

The tool is quite simple to use. Download the file, open it and your internet explorer will open up with a DynaWeb homepage. Internet Explorer is the default browser for this application. Enter the site that you wish to visit in the input box and choose “Anonymous Surfing.” and enjoy it. Also, the best part about this software is that all the browser history is never stored and gets deleted as soon as you exit the browser.  

Unfortunately, this tool is only available for Windows7/8/10 and above and not for macOS. 

Key Features of Free Gate 7.88

Easy Set Up

One of the best things about this software is that there is no need to install it. Simply double, click the execution file, and you’re good to go. Furthermore, you can make changes in the software by clicking on more settings in the dialogue box. 

Quick Access to Sites

The software does everything for you. It accesses several proxies and checks which site is the fastest and connects to that respectively. And it allows you to connect to other proxy websites if there is any lag or stutter in the primary one. 

Complete Anonymity

When you use this software, you will be completely off the grid, and you don’t need additional plugins/extensions to keep yourself anonymous. The software takes care of that as well. 

History Clearing

There is another great feature that automatically clears the history of user’s Internet access once the user closes the internet explorer. The feature is available in the setting option of the applications. 

Straightforward User Interface

The user interface is watered down to the bare minimum so only the necessary information is displayed and nothing else. Once you start the application, the software detects the browser and then determines the list of websites blocked in the region. 

How to Download and Install Free Gate 7.88 on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the File

The software is free to use. So, you can download it from several third-party websites hosting the application. Also, remember that the software is regularly updated so that it can provide better features. So, do update it regularly. 

  • Start Using the Application 

Once the application is downloaded, open the file and start using it. There is no need for separate installation and you can use the software directly. 

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