It is a 2019 version of reality first-person survival horror video game developed by Illumix in collaboration with Scott Cawthon. It is the third instalment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s place series, the first being FNaf World, second, being Ultimate Custom Night. In this game, players will have to confront endless streams of animatronics and they follow where-ever you go. The game here is how long you survive.

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Get deep into the game with terrifying audio-visual action sequences exclusively designed for each character. Experience real-time location-based on gameplay where animatronics will pay a visit wherever you go. You can survive attacks with the given resources like shocker, battery and for more, you can purchase in it. As it is multi-player, you can send animatronics to your friends to attack them. 

Game Play

Map- With the help of the map, the player can view the location of themselves and at the same time player can locate the animatronics around them sent by the other player. The player is allowed to use devices like transponder, radio jammer etc.

Camera- There are two purposes of having a camera. One is to know if the animatronics are around and second, is to detect and collect remnants which will be absorbed using a flashlight after you have killed the animatronics.

Animatronic Condition in FNAF AR - Bonnie : fivenightsatfreddys
Download for Windows

Workshop- It is the place where the player will utilise all collections like MODs, remnants, CPUs etc to upgrade their strengths, appearance and ability to defeat animatronics easily.

How To Download FNAF AR Using BlueStacks

  1. Installing From Google Play Store
  1. Launch BlueStacks and go to the search bar.
  2. Click on the icon ‘Google Play Store’.
  3. The Google Play Store will now open up.
  4. Here, type FNAF AR in the search bar and click on install. 
  5. The app will now install on BlueStacks. You can access it from the BlueStacks desktop.
  1. Install Using Bluestacks Search Bar
  1. Once you launch BlueStacks, locate the search bar given on the top right corner. 
  2. Type FNAF AR and click on the search button with the blue magnifying glass icon.
  3. Click on the icon of FNAF AR, in your search results. 
  4. The app is now installed. You can access it from the BlueStacks desktop

Note: In case the app is not available in BlueStacks search option, you can easily click on Google Play store.  

  1. Installing Through The “.Apk” Button
  1. Download the .apk file for FNAF AR.
  2. Now launch BlueStacks and go to the search tab.
  3. Within the search bar click on the three bars given next to ‘Personalize’.
  4. This will open up a Windows Explorer pop-up, from where you can go to the .apk file for FNAF AR.  
  5. Once you find the .apk file for the FNAF AR, either double click on it or select it and click on Open
  6. FNAF AR will then be installed. You can access it from BlueStacks desktop.

How To Download Using Nox Player

Download for Windows
  1. Use the built-in Browser to browse the Internet
  2. Use the search bar to find FNAF AR 
  3. Click the icon FNAF AR appearing in the search result.
  4. Now the app is installed and can be accessed from the Nox Player desktop 
  5. Click to the built-in App Center to see more games & apps.

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