Internet connections are unpredictable and uncertain due to several reasons. These reasons may include poor connection establishment, interference from other signals, an outdated device for connection, etc. 

FULL NAME:Fing for Windows
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Though the system can troubleshoot most of the problems, determining the speed of the established connection, parameters of internet reliability, and more can be done natively. For this very purpose, we have a dedicated application that helps you achieve all the things said above. 

What is Fing?

Fing is an application that lets users seamlessly establish a secure and reliable internet connection. The app is relatively easy to use, packed with exciting features. The desktop app helps in connectivity issues, healthy checks, speed tests, troubleshooting features, and much more. 

The app is available for your mobile device, windows, and Mac. Though it might be packed with features, it does come at a cost. Check the official site to know the actual pricing of the application and what it has to offer. 

Key Features of Fing 

  • Device discovery

Get to know different devices through their IP, MAC address, vendor, or model name.  

  • Report sharing

Get practical help from others by sharing reports or results or tests conducted by the software to ensure a stable and reliable internet connection. 

  • Network scan

Users can seamlessly determine the devices that are connected to your network. 

  • Level 1, troubleshooting

Through this format of troubleshooting, users can traceroute, port scan, and ping effortlessly. 

  • Network alerts

The features help in getting notifications about the network established to a computer or mobile device. 

  • Worldwide outages

Through this feature, the user can detect the significant outages that occur all across the globe. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the installer for the software

Download the official installer for the software from its official website. Based on the Windows operating system, download the necessary. 

  • Install it

Once downloaded, open it and set up the installer. Install the software on the preferred directory and let the installer install the software. 

Upon successful installation, the user can access the application either through its designated shortcut on the desktop or through the directory where it was installed. 

How to Download and Install it on macOS

  • Download the necessary DMG file

Get the necessary DMG file for the software. It is available on its official website. Get the latest version. 

  • Open it

Once downloaded, open the file and do as directed from the on-screen set of instructions. It may/may not ask you to drag and drop the icon. But verify the downloaded packages.  

  • Install it

Install the application in the Applications folder and ensure that it is successfully installed. Failure to do so might cause the application not to run correctly. 

The application will start automatically once it has been installed. You can access it either from the applications folder or from the dock if you have pinned it here. 

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