Transferring files on windows have never really been up to the mark. Well, if you have wide monitors, then it’s a seamless task without any hiccups.

But for those that have smaller desktops or laptops, file explorer can undoubtedly take up considerable screen real estate. But what if there was an application where transferring of files and data from one folder to another was made simpler all in one window?

FULL NAME:File Voyager for Windows
Download for Windows

What is File Voyager?

The software is quite handy in providing a cumbersome user interface in transferring of file and data effortlessly. There is a two-pane system that makes transferring easy and straightforward with the options of helpful tools to help in transferring. 

The features of the application support viewing multimedia, files, data and much more within the software. One can copy, move, link or delete files as per their wish. Based on the codec of VLC or WMP, such data are also playable within the software. Packing and unpacking files such as ZIP, WIM, Tar and more is entirely feasible. 

With so many features and a diverse file sharing platform, it’s a simple software with unique capabilities. Any windows operation system from XP to 10 can execute the software effortlessly. MacOS doesn’t support the software. 

Download for Windows

Key Features of File Voyager

Powerful File Manager

The software is a powerful tool that helps in effortless transfer of files, data, documents, multimedia from one folder to another. There are several tools to either delete, edit, crop and more to assist the transfer. 

Universal Viewer

File Voyager lets users view any type of multimedia content weather is photos, videos or even source codes as well. 

Comparison Tools

A handy tool that lets users compare files and other documents and data with one another. 

Cloud Features

Like offline file explorer, one can navigate through different cloud accounts for effective file sharing. 

How to Download and Install File Voyager on PC

Download for Windows
  • Get the Installer

The installer is available on the official website of the application. Ensure that you download the relevant software version based on your operating system. 

  • Install it

After the installer finishes downloading, open it and run the installer. Follow the instructions and let the software install. 

  • Transfer Files at Ease

Once installed, transfer files effortlessly from one folder to another. The software can be accessed from the shortcut on the desktop. 

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