Storage is a vital component for every system. It’s an integral part of holding multiple multimedia contents, data, files and more. Faster the storage, quicker the computer, slower the storage capacity, slower the system.

While each file has its own way of taking up space in the computer, optimizing it to its barebones can help in saving a considerable amount of space. For this, there is one particular application that helps in the best possible manner. 

FULL NAME:File Optimizer for Windows

What is File Optimizer?

File Optimizer is a free application that lets users compress/reduce their data to its bare minimum. Several techniques are involved in this process that helps audio, video, documents and other files lose the additional content to shrink storage space taken by them. But the primary data required to keep the data from being read is maintained. 

The software works dynamically where all the unused files that seem to be irrelevant is thrown away, and the original files are kept. The stored files are the ones necessary for the proper functioning of the relevant file. File optimizer also is an overlay of graphical tools such as recompress, advanceCOMP, zlib, APNG, rehuff and more. 

Though the application helps in saving tons of storage space, it is only supported by the latest version of windows with no official MacOS support. 

File Optimizer
File Optimizer
Download for Windows

Key features of File Optimizer

Multiple file support

The files supported by the application are XWD, XHTML, ODF, XBN, XPM, HTML, GZ, FAX, XAP, OXPS, THM, JSON, M4P, MPD, MIX, XLS, XSN, THUMBS, DCX and many more. 

Simple User Interface

The user interface is a breeze of a task to use and understand. All necessary functions are neatly oriented within the software window, which helps in optimizing files with a click of a button. 

Free of Cost

Though it might seem to be jam-packed with a bunch of features, the application is free without any additional/hidden costs. 

How to Download and Install File Optimizer on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the installer package 

The installer is available on any third-party site. Simple google file optimizer and you will be bombarded with several websites that host the software. Download the relevant version. 

  • Open it

Once the installer finishes downloading, open it. Follow the instructions as displayed to install the software. Let it finish installing. 

  • Start Optimizing

Upon successful installation, open the software and enjoy seamless optimization of various files on the go. 

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