Open world shooting games generally focus on a warfare scenario, and there aren’t many titles that offer explicit gaming desires to be fulfilled. But one title called Far Cry 5 offers a bit more than just shooting, but a concrete structure to your gaming endeavors. 

Far cry 5 revolves around you characters that have to work his way into liberating his town from maniac rulers and ensure there are peace and order restored in the town. Though it might sound blunt, many missions have to be completed before you even progress a bit into the game. 

The game was developed and published by Ubisoft in the year 2018. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and play station four platforms. 

What are Mods?

Mods play a vital role in sustaining the gaming community and ensuring that people get what they want in games. Mods are modifications that players can apply in the game to overcome things that might not be possible within the game. In hind-sight, mods are your gateway in altering the game and making it your very own version for a personalized affair with the game. 

List of Mods for Far Cry 5

  • Resistance

If you are looking for more than what the game has to offer? Then this mod will suffice for the same. It’s a way where you can get more ammunition, outfits and so much more to elevate your far cry experience. Even the content increases substantially with the mod. 

  • Viewmodel FOV

While playing the game through a POV model, it might not be feasible to see the gun in front of you in the position that you wish. Hence, to ensure that you get that perfect look at the gun, this mod comes into the picture. It helps in getting the right angle of the gun in controlling it adequately and see things to aim better through the gun itself.  

Viewmodel FOV Mod
Viewmodel FOV Mod
  • Redemption

If you are someone that wants to make the most out of your far cry experience, then this mod is for you. It’s a way where the mod lets remind you to complete all the missions and quests gradually which you may miss out. It’s something which helps the players that want to finish the complete game without altering any aspect of the game. 

  • Clothing and Player Heads

The game does offer some clothing options, but if you are looking for something different and out of the box, then this mod can assist you. It helps in choosing a complete itinerary of cloths from the mods providing a distinct sense of style and grace. 

Clothing and Player Heads Mod
Clothing and Player Heads Mod
  • Reshade

This mod is quite simple and doesn’t do much to the game. But it enhances the textures and shades of the game to provide it with a realistic feel and touch to give players a dynamic, immersive playing experience. 

Reshade Mod
Reshade Mod

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